Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Fun & Luxe

***New Store Alert!!*** FLOGA NEW YORK

B, E and I went to Garden State Plaza last Saturday night for dinner. I wanted jellybeans so it was a Grand Lux Cafe kind of night. We decided to walk around a little after I got my beans - E looked cute, and I could've sworn I got emails saying the Easter bunny was in the malls. I thought I'd do his photo while we were already in the mall. Well, I needed to see if it was the good bunny or the creepy bunny first, but my plan was to do the photo.

I couldn't find any bunny, but I did find Floga New York. What is that, you ask? WELL, it's a super cool store with funky stuff- right up my alley. It's in the spot, second floor, that was formerly Herve Leger. Next to a make up store. By Neiman Marcus.

The hats jumped out at me right away. Anyone that knows me knows that I love a good hat. But it has to be fun and different. I don't want just a run of the mill wool beanie. I want something colorful, unique and interesting. I have one that looks sort of like a court jester hat and I LOVE it. This place has all kind of fur hats. Not fur hats like ladies from the old country fur but FUN. All the colors of the rainbow. Okay, if you're morally against fur, this isn't the store for you. They specialize in fine/luxury fur and leather goods. This is the thing- I get being against fur but if you're protesting wearing leather shoes, then I can't really take you seriously. I don't typically wear fur- it's not really something I think about. I've never owned any real fur because I don't have a real fur budget. And where am I wearing it? When I think of fur, I think of Alexis Blake in the 80's.

When I walked in and felt some of these things, I couldn't help but think about how amazing they'd look on. I was thinking these pieces would be a good way to glam up a blah outfit.

My favorite hat
This is different fur. This is affordable but still luxe fur at all price points. So if you're not against fur, or leather, their hats and wraps are fab, the colors are amazing, and the leather sandals are extremely chic. They are Greek made and I met the owner in her store that night. She's lovely. I lost her card somewhere in my travels over the past few days so I can't tell you her name. But she's probably in her store if you want to go say hello.

The store has way more colorful items than I saw on their website, so you really have to stop in, feel everything, and try on. They're about to bring in their sandals and other spring/summer stuff, so I think almost everything in the store is on sale.

We're talking fingerless gloves for around $40, some hats for $75. It's a great time to buy gifts for the next holiday season. I always buy ahead myself so there is nothing like an end of season sale.


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