Thursday, April 30, 2015

Wyckoff Dog Shot

B: Did you see that story about the dog getting shot by the police officer in Wyckoff?
Me: I saw there was an article but I didn't get to read it.
B: It's a weird story. First- I know it's a dog, not a kid. But you know, people think of their dogs as family, as their kids... He went to the wrong house. He saw an open window, a German Shepherd came out, he says it latched on to his boot, he's fine, but then he shot the dog four times. I think the people who called that they think someone is breaking into their neighbors house saw it all but it was a confusing article.

I just went and looked up the story. WHAT THE F??? SERIOUSLY?? I don't know what happened to news. I don't know what happened to journalism. I've written about this before. I have to say something again. I went to look up the story and THERE IS LITTLE TO NO INFORMATION!

Why even report stories when they're totally incomplete? It's like- "Ooh! I just need to get info out first! I don't care if there is barely any info so far, if it's correct, if the writing makes any sense! Let's just GIT 'ER OUT!" At first I thought it was just one particular news outlet with this particular problem. But no, that one actually HAD as much of the facts as one could expect, this time.

But I expect better of you.

Here was the article-- AFTER it says "updated 11:27am". THIS is updated???

WYCKOFF— A township police officer fatally shot a dog Wednesday after going to the wrong address on a burglary call, Wyckoff Police Chief Benjamin Fox said.
Wyckoff Police received a call of a possible burglary at 3:45 p.m. at 621 Lawlins Rd.
But Officer Kyle Ferreira mistakenly went to 622 Lawlins Rd., Fox said. No one responded when he knocked on the door, so he walked around the house.

He passed through an unlocked fence gate and went to the rear of the house, where he saw an open window. Ferreira drew his service revolver. He thought the window could have been a point of entry for the reported burglary and didn't know if any suspects were at the scene, Fox said.
At that point, "a large, growling German Shepherd lunged out of the open window, bit the officer on his right foot and latched onto his boot," Fox said. Ferreira fired at the dog four times to get him to let go, striking him twice.

Wyckoff animal control took the dog to an animal hospital, but it died, Fox said.
No one was home during the incident, but the homeowners were notified, Fox said. They left the window open to allow the dog to let himself into and out of the home.
Ferreira was uninjured.

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Here is the Cliffview Pilot article, with significantly more information. Although, I don't know if this is really considered news or speculation since it has no official stamp on it by anyone, except that it is "an account of what happened that was posted on Facebook". But, hey, it's more information than we usually get in news stories lately.:

NOTICE THE GLARING DIFFERENCE IN THE AMOUNT OF INFORMATION. Hey Miles- why did you even bother writing about it?? You might as well have just tweeted out- "Dog shot in Wyckoff. Wrong house. Don't feel like finding out more" #Dog #Shot #Dead #Police #Wyckoff

Nevermind that I still want to know what exactly is the protocol for something like this? It would be helpful to tell concerned citizens if there is any kind of law to help when you dog is shot due to negligence. That would be something THE PEOPLE SHOULD BE TOLD. THAT IS PART OF THE FARKING NEWS. IS there going to be further investigation?? Was this a veteran officer? A new officer?

I still have many questions. Many questions. Is anyone doing any real reporting? Hello? Bueller?

My heart goes out to Otto's family. RIP Otto. I'm sure there could've been a better, different, outcome in that situation. Pepper spray? Another question- Do cops carry pepper spray? Did this guy have it on him? Why did he shoot FOUR times? Why did he miss twice? HELLO???!

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