Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Rising Stars

This is the class E does. If  your kid wants to get into acting- this is the place to start. E has been taking this class every semester since he was four and a half years old. He loves it and he's learned a lot. I think it's just good for general life skills, even if he wasn't into acting. Agents and managers are brought into the class over the course of a semester to see the kids and possibly take them on as clients. It's a great way of getting exposure and access to industry professionals that you'd ordinarily have to try to get the attention of on your own. Which, trust me, isn't easy. Said as someone who sent E's info to one legit agency and got a rejection form letter within seconds....

And the boy's photo in the ad for the class is E's friend from class who books like a champ now. Lastly, living in upper Bergen County, I can tell you that's is a breeze getting into NYC on a Saturday morning for this class. It takes me like 35-40 minutes door to door. And I'm always early. There are numerous garages to park in right near Pearl Studios. Call Todd and ask for a payment plan if you need one. Tell him I sent you.

Ages 4 - 6 (Non-Readers)
  Youngest Actors 
Rising Stars TV Class 
    Saturdays, Noon - 1pm


It's where we all begin.  
Join our Y
Non-Readering Actors!
TV & Film
April 25th - June 6th
Saturdays, Noon - 1:00pm
We love this class.  For those who are not yet reading, this special hour is taught by an awesome ATNY Coach.  It's time to talk about feelings and emotions.  Keeping it real, we work improvisation into On-Camera Acting and prepare our youngest rising stars how to be both honest and professional actors.   No Class Memorial Day Weekend.  Let us prepare you for final industry day and give parents the guidance they need in this industry.  Our Youngest TV Actors are indeed, booking in television & film, so join us.  It's a FUNdamental class for non-reading actors.

If you're reading nicely and still 6 years old, please call ATNY to be considered into our next level Kids Class with script.

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