Thursday, February 6, 2014

Baba Wawa

What is going ON with Barbara Walters? It's like she lost her mind. I know she's like eighty-something years old, but seriously. When she announced she was retiring, I thought it was sad. I've watched some of the greatest interviews of all time with Barbara asking the questions. Who could forget Monica Lewinsky and those LIPS? That Club Monaco lipstick and liner that saw sales through the roof after that one.

But now, I think she needs to go. First, she's staunchly defending Woody Allen. Look, no one knows what really happened but Dylan Farrow & Woody Allen. But to use the excuse- "I know him, I've seen him with his kids [with Soon Yi] and he's a great dad"- sounds insane. Plenty of molesters seem normal to the outside world. In every conviction on the news you hear someone say "I would have NEVER thought he'd do something like that! He was so sweet/good natured/helpful." Sure, you get the straight up creepy guy you had a feeling about, every now and again. But more often than not, it's the regular Joe who is able to hide it from the people they know and love. Barbara's statements are dangerous and come off as a very naïve, old-school way of thinking. "I like him, therefore he must be innocent".

I don't believe or not believe Dylan Farrow. I feel like it's important to still believe in "innocent until proven guilty". I think the whole scene is weird, messed up, you name it. Mia Farrow has been venomous since her split with Woody. And rightfully so- he did take off with her adopted daughter. But, that doesn't automatically make him guilty either. She's been known to lie as well. Her anger at him is also well-documented and long standing. I've seen Ronan Farrow. No way did that kid come from a Mia/Woody sexcapade. I would bet my life that he's Frank Sinatra's kid. I've seen all the side by sides! Come ON. I've also seen enough Lifetime movies to know how often children of angry, messy divorces are turned against one parent. I used to be a social worker dealing with abused, neglected & delinquent teens. I've seen kids be totally brainwashed and I've heard them lie about serious offenses. I've seen enough cop dramas to see how ADULTS have been manipulated into confessing after being brainwashed into believing their own guilt. I don't think it's out of the realm of possibility that Mia could have made Dylan think these things happened to her. I'M NOT SAYING THAT *IS* WHAT HAPPENED. All I'm saying is that we don't KNOW what happened, and I don't believe Mia Farrow is someone we're going to get truth from. I also don't think a seven year old would make that up. I believe she thinks what she's accused him of really happened. I just don't know enough of anything to have a strong opinion either way. One son saying it is true, one son is saying it isn't, and it's very Dr Phil. Maybe they should all go on and take lie detector tests. And then make the round over to Maury to hear- "Woody, you ARE NOT THE FATHER!".

The point is, Barbara shouldn't be saying he didn't do it without really knowing ANYTHING about the actual abuse. By saying what she's saying, she is essentially calling Dylan a liar. That's a very slippery slope in her position as a respected journalist. She knows Mia and she knows Woody. But she wasn't there when it allegedly happened and she really has no idea what went on. She's basing her opinion and defense of Woody Allen on how much she likes him. It sounds INSANE. Apparently no one thought Sandusky seemed or looked like a child molester either. We know how that turned out. Shut. Up. Barbara.

I didn't hear everything she said on this topic but I saw Nancy Lee Grahn's twitter feed blow up last night about it. I thought the parts of The View I already heard were pretty damning but it must have gotten worse. I'll have to go back and watch the ones I have on DVR.

Then, today, they were discussing Phillip Seymour Hoffman's death. They ladies were discussing the arrest of the heroin dealers they think were the ones to sell PSH the drugs. It came up that it was basically a manhunt for these guys. Jenny McCarthy said what a lot of people have been thinking, which is that if this was just a John Doe or some guy in Harlem, no one would care and there would be no hunt. This was going on just as they were going to break. As they were going out, Jenny was saying that and Barbara said, "We don't know that..." Uh, yes, Barbara, we actually do. People are dying from heroin around the tri-state area and all over the country, DAILY. There hasn't been such a high or low profile case in a drug overdose yet that elicited that kind of search for the dealer that I can come up with. It FEELS like because his work and personhood was so well respected, all bets were off and the manhunt began. The acting world and the fans need someone to blame and they don't want it to be PSH. In the end, to me, finding and prosecuting these dealers is great. Because famous deaths or the average person, getting these people off the street, shutting down their business, is good for someone. Or groups of addicts. The people who haven't tried it yet but would. However, it does just feel like an injustice, somehow, to those lost before PSH, without the clout behind their name.

It just illustrates how there seems to be a hierarchy of importance placed on certain people's lives for maybe the wrong reasons. Everyone is someone to someone.

Barbara, Barbara, Barbara....either you've gone soft, senile, or just backwards in your thinking...but you need to shape up. This isn't how you want to go out.

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