Friday, December 27, 2013

The Honey Pot

Yes, that's the real name of the place I'm about to tell you about- The Honey Pot. It's not just a clever blog entry name to get people to open it.

I get inundated with emails from Groupon, Living Social, and Amazon Local. Half the time, I don't know which is which and most of the time I don't open them. UNLESS, the subject line says Botox or Brazilian Waxing. Because I'm always willing to at least entertain a deal on either one of those.

I said I'd go back to my original waxer. And I probably will, sometime. But a few months ago I went to European Wax Center in Wyckoff and reviewed that in my entry Bare Chuckalina :

And it was fine. Not blow-your-mind-great though. But what stuck with me was the stripless wax they use. It was SO much LESS painful than the wax done with cloth strips. The thought of going back to strips just paralyzes me from making an appointment with my prior wax lady. The pain is terrible. She thinks I'm a wuss but it really hurts. Especially in comparison to stripless.

So I opened up Amazon Local to find a 1/2 off deal for a Brazilian at The Honey Pot. I normally wouldn't consider Mahwah because it just seems far from me. With traffic, it could take me over a half hour to get to some parts. But then I thought, it could take me over thirty minutes to get to Fort Lee with traffic also. I knew it sounded familiar because my friend Cheryl had just recommended it to me not that long before I saw this deal. I just decided to buy it. It was $21 so I really couldn't beat that to try a new place. I'm not that keen on getting naked for just anyone to cause pain in my nether region but I did need to find another option to start going on the regular.

I bought the deal in either October or the first week in November and I thought it was expiring in January. I realized it was almost January and I hadn't made an appointment. I knew I had a babysitter coming so I just bit the bullet and called. I have to make note of one thing too- the person who answered the phone there was the most friendly, chipper, receptionist I think I've ever encountered. Sadly, you almost expect someone to be kind of rude and unfriendly when you're making an appointment anywhere. Or maybe that's just E's doctor's offices. Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised by the lovely phone reception.

I was a little apprehensive pulling in because it looks like a house. A residential house. But I walked in and it was super clean, neat, and warm. There were candles lit and smelled nice. I don't think I waited more than a minute before my "wax technician" (I just made that up but that might be what they call themselves) was ready for me. Her name is also Tara. Now, Cheryl recommended Tara. When I called, I was going to see if I could get an appointment with her but then I had a panic moment thinking maybe that's not her name. So I just made the appointment with whoever was going to be able to take me at the time I could go. But, it actually was Tara, coincidentally, who was to be my technician.

I think I got naked at 12:47p and I looked at the clock in the car as I was pulling out of the driveway and it was 1:07p. She did a really good job. MUCH better than the girl did at European Wax Center. When I left there, there were definite spots she missed. I just didn't know what they do or don't do since it had been so long since I'd been to anyone other than the person I'd been going to since 2003. But now that Tara did her thing, I see, the girl at EWS just didn't do it all, but should have. Tara was friendly, quick, and efficient. She really didn't cause much pain, and trust me, she could have. I highly recommend her and I will be coming back.

Their prices are really reasonable. A full Brazilian is $42. I've seen and had them upwards of $75. I wouldn't do it again at $75 and that was at Completely Bare in NYC but $42 is a really good price. They do waxing on both women and men and they also do different kinds of facials that don't exceed $100. The highest priced wax is $60 for a full leg but I think that's on par with any other spa I've been to in the area. I'm pretty sure I've done a Brazilian and a full leg at a local spa and it cost me somewhere between $125-$150.

It was also pretty easy to get an appointment, only calling the day before. Maybe people are waiting until this Monday or Tuesday to get their New Years wax on but The Honey Pot IS closed on Sunday and Monday. So if NYE is what you want to be bare for, you best get in there by tomorrow!

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