Monday, April 8, 2013

The Sweet Spot

I don't know how I forgot to write about my favorite thing but I guess I had a lot going on. Candy. Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE candy. We were actually thinking of opening a candy store, a few years ago, in the town we live in. We couldn't find a good size store for the right rent.  It just didn't happen. Someone ended up opening a candy store but it's not even the kind of store we had envisioned. Willy Wonka was our inspiration. I whole store just filled with whimsy and of course, candy.

We just put had done the install of a chandelier and six (I think) custom pendants for a new ballroom dance studio across from Strawberry Place in Nyack. B, E & I went to have breakfast at Strawberry Place a few days after the install. We wanted to see how the place looked with everything in and take some photos. We decided to walk around and imagine my shock and happiness, just down the street is a new candy store. It's called The Sweet Spot.

It is exactly what I would've liked to do. It's all filled with candy. Loose and packaged and loose packaged! It was like chocolate, gummies and sours, OH MY! WITH space for parties. That is KEY. These places are great but I don't know if you can make enough money on candy alone. Being able to do parties is HUGE. Because everyone has done the bounce places hundreds of times already. Same with the Y's, JCC's, Little Gyms, etc. Moms I know are always looking for something DIFFERENT. And weirdly, there really aren't many candy stores around. I don't mean specifically in Nyack, I just mean there aren't many in general. Not like this- definitely made for kids. There are chocolate shops, but those are different and seem to cater to an older clientele. Some of them look like they don't even WANT kids in there. They do have chocolate- I think B got some that was in a case. And E got Harry Potter chocolate frogs.

It's just really nice in there. I met Melissa, one of the co-owners. She said there is another owner, James, who wasn't there. She was very friendly and helpful, let me take photos, etc. I really hope they stay in business. Unfortunately, stuff seems to go in and out over there for some reason. But there is NOTHING else like that around and candy is like crack. Once it's there and people start eating it, they start jonesing for it too. Plus, I think the party aspect should work in their favor. There was a kids place - not candy, I think more of a play place. It went in and out in a blink, so they don't have party competition in the immediate vicinity. But a kid place did go in and out- so who knows. I will definitely be patronizing their store every time we go up to Strawberry Place for breakfast, that's for sure!

11 South Broadway. Nyack, New York

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