Sunday, April 14, 2013

Pretty Your Feet

I usually go to 4U Nails for a pedicure because they're right next to my store. But I was in Ridgewood the other day and decided to try a new place. I hadn't gotten a pedicure since December so I needed to get a really thorough one.

I decided to try Godwin Nail & Spa. It's the one on Godwin in that little strip mall sort of diagonal to Whole Foods. There are always balloons out front. I have no idea what's next to it.

It's SUPER clean looking in there. It's big. It looks like there are at least ten pedicure/massage chairs. They have a big tv in front of the massage chairs but they aren't playing tv. Or at least they weren't while I was there. They were playing really bad "muzak". But it was fine. I just wanted to relax and pretty up my feet for the spring. It was going to be nice out over the weekend and I wanted to be able to wear flip flops without shame.

They have a nice printed menu of services you can take with you. They are definitely on the pricier end. A regular pedicure is $25. At 4U Nails I think it's $20 or $22. Most are $18-$22 in Glen Rock & Fair Lawn. This is the first time I got one in Ridgewood so I don't know if $25 is more the norm over there. Then, it jumps to $60 for their version of a "spa pedicure". I had a problem with that. I don't have a definition of their spa pedicure but at 4U Nails they have two options for a spa pedicure at $35 & $50. All pedicures at 4U Nails use that "jelli-pedi" stuff that feels like your immersing your feet in jello. I love it. I don't know what Godwin Nails does for theirs but I can't imagine it's worth $60. For the regular pedicure they don't use jelli-pedi- just the regular soapy water. Maybe if I get a windfall I'll check it out but I doubt it.

What I do like- they have a lot of choices for manicures & pedicures. They have chocolate, green tea, Milk & Honey, mocha coffee, sea salt glow, lemon, blueberry, olive oil, and honey & cinnamon. Each one comes with a 10 minute massage. These "special" ones cost $30 for the mani, $60 for the pedi and $80 for both. Last, there is a "Delicious Spa Manicure & Pedicure for $100. That has some definitions that are kind of ambiguous like- "Expecting Silky Soft Hands & Feet". I kind of expect that with a regular pedicure but whatever. There are dead sea salts included, exfoliating scrub, antioxidant treatment, mud, callous eliminate, and deep massage. Sounds great. But I can't do my hands because I get gel nails or something. But if you just have your normal, born-with nails, it sounds fab.

You can add reflexology too for extra money. A pedicure + 10 minute reflexology is $40, 20 min is $50 and 30 min is $60. I think I'll stick to The Healthy Way for my massaging because they're awesome and a great deal for your money. Their back rub massage is like those mall chair places- less minutes for more money. It's $13 for 10 minutes but then $30 for $30. Again- kind of an odd jump. I have no idea what it would be if you asked for 20 minutes. I'd think that would be the most popular length of time. But this is nice if you just decide you need some extra pampering.

They offer the full range of services like waxing too and those prices are surprisingly average. It's only $50 for a Brazilian wax. You can pay all over the board for that. Anywhere from $45 to $100. I used to go to Beyond Day Spa in Hackensack and I think they had raised their price to $60 when I left. A full leg at Godwin is only $60. I think I paid $90 in other places for that. Significant difference.

There are three packages on the back of the brochure:

Package 1:  Mani, Pedi, Back rub (20 min)- $60

Package 2:  Mani, Pedi, Foot rub (20 min), Back Rub (20 min) - $80

Package 3:  Mani, Pedi, Foot rub (30 min), Back Rub (30 min) - $100

All in all, it was a really good pedicure. I'd go back. It definitely has a spa feeling to it. I just would've liked a spa option for under $60. Something more middle of the road between $25 for a regular one and the $60 for a spa one. Throw me a $35 or $40 one.

They're not open on Sunday which is always a bummer for me. But they're open Mon-Fri 9:30a-7p
Saturday 9a-6p

They sell gift certificates. I think they have a punch card too where eventually you get something free.

83b Godwin Ave
Ridgewood, NJ 07450

They have a sister spa:

206 Nail & Spa Together
365 Rt 206
Flanders, NJ 07836

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