Thursday, September 20, 2012

Open House

Glen Rock Newcomers & Neighbors group-

They're doing an open house next week-

Before we moved here, I actually looked up the Glen Rock website that just about every town has now, looking to see what kind of "social life" the town had going. I was pleased to see a "Newcomers" group. My mom had told me that when she moved into the town I grew up in, they had a group like that and it sounded so cool. It was long since gone by the time we'd had the conversation about it but I think it's an awesome idea and it just shows the spirit of a town. I think it's harder in bigger, more spread out towns but since Glen Rock is more sort of like Mayberry, at least to me, it seems like the kind of thing that would fit in perfectly here.

We joined it when we moved in in August 2006, even though we had no kids yet. We just wanted to meet people. Right away they were planning the Progressive Dinner that they had 2x a year- Fall & Spring. It was the most popular event they had. I volunteered to be the "dessert house"- the last stop for the dinner. At that time it was an event they had to turn people away from because it always sold out. It was really fun. They had all kinds of events- wine & cheese night, coffee & kids, holiday parties, chili cook off, tailgate parties, etc. There was also a DINKS sub-group- Double Income No Kids we were part of where we went to dinners locally.

We stopped having time to go to these things because of various unforeseen life circumstances but it was definitely a fun thing to do and I highly recommend it to anyone- new or old, if you're looking to add to you or your kids social circle in town. It good just to know people- you never know who is going to be a fellow class parent or next to you getting a pedicure.

There is almost a whole new executive board this year of really motivated women running the show. They are all organized, fun, and get the job done. Of course I'm a little biased because some of them have been friends of mine for awhile but I also speak the truth (evident in my other blogs!). So they're having a party/open house and I strongly recommend checking them out and maybe even think about spearheading a team for an event! They even got a cool new website for members going before the kick-off even happened. They're already kicking ass. So many families have signed up to be members so you'll definitely be in good company with other excited Glen Rockers looking to have an awesome year of activities and making new friends.

****You DON'T have to live in Glen Rock to be a member! My friend had joined from nearby Hawthorne. There are also families from other nearby towns that have friends in Glen Rock, etc.****

Open House and Kick-Off Party for GRNN

Glen Rock Newcomers and Neighbors

Saturday, October 6, 2012 from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM (EDT)

Glen Rock, NJ

You can register (for FREE) here:

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