Friday, January 6, 2017

Time Travel Back to 1995

No rant today. I'm playing catch up now that I feel human. E and I were sick over the whole break. I feel like I was sicker than I'd been in a really long time. I had all these plans of things I was going to do while we were off, then I never got to anything, except my bed. Normally I could power through, especially to take care of E, but this time, it was like he was the kid from the Jungle Book. He just had to figure it out. Turned out that I had a sinus infection, of which I was unaware of the symptoms. Like your teeth feeling like they're too tight for your face. Got a Z-pack, finally finished, and good as new. E also got antibiotics, and aside from forgetting this morning's dose, he's doing better too.

While we were sick, we had tickets to see Bush at the Wellmont Theater in Montclair for Friday, December 29th. Thanks to my cousin Jana, we were made aware of that show in November, and we told Santa all about it. Santa brought E the tickets as his Christmas gift. WITH A NOTE! E was especially excited that he got a note from Santa, when he's never gotten one before.

Well, Santa had no idea how sick we'd be. We had to rally though. E has been playing Glycerine like it's Groundhog Day. Every single day with the Glycerine. I feel like I'm back in the 90's at Rider with as much as I'm hearing Bush. He's also going to sleep at night listening to B's old Bush CDs, which I hear through the monitor. Yes, we still have a monitor. He talks to us through it like a walkie talkie. We prefer that versus him coming out of his bed and downstairs. Once you're in your room, you stay there. After eight-thirty at night, it's drain the DVR time. That's *my* time.

December 29th was freezing. We drove to Montclair, found parking, and walked a few blocks to the Wellmont. It's a small venue with no bad seat in the house. We were in the balcony, but could still see just fine. B was happy because it was exactly as he'd want to see a concert- a crowd over forty, who is happy to be there, but too tired and achy to stand. A sitting concert. Fantastic. E was super excited when we first got in there, practically jumping out of his skin, but everyone else there were happy to sit nicely.

I'd filled my bag with tissues. While a completely bizarre, opening band from Chicago was playing, I realized it was loud enough in there that I could blow my nose as much as I want and no one would side-eye me. They wouldn't even know. I felt like death but I was going to power through. 

Meanwhile, I wasn't even paying attention to poor E, who was sitting in between us, with noise cancelling headphones in, struggling to stay awake. He'd close his eyes, then a song would end, and he'd wake up for the minute, do a vigorous clap, and then close his eyes again.

It was time for Bush. Gavin Rossdale came out, looking like he'd been vacationing in Miami (kickin' tan). One song, two songs, beginning of the third song and *poof*. Something happened. I had medicine head so I had no clue what was going on. I see Gavin Rossdale just standing there. Then I realized that the "Bush" sign was dark and it looked like the fire alarm was going off. No one made any announcement. Gavin just sat on the end of the stage. Some people were leaving but most of us in the balcony were just sitting there. We weren't sure what to do. Selfishly I was thinking, I don't feel like moving because if I do, my nose is going to run. Finally, someone came up and started yelling to us that we had to go.

They weren't telling us to stay, that it was just a fixable thing, we'd be let back inside, etc. I really believed that it would be way too hard to let people back in because how would they check tickets? I saw some ticket stubs in the trash and on the sink in the ladies room. It just seemed like complete chaos, with no one directing anyone. It was like thirty degrees out. I wasn't going to stand out there, sick as a dog, with a sick, tired kid, for who knows how long, only to be told we weren't going back in anyway.

We had to decide to adult in this situation. B was SO bummed. This was like, his night. He doesn't get much that he gets to look forward to, but apparently he's a bigger Bush fan than I knew. E was bummed but it was so late, I think he was more confused than anything else. He was trying to make B feel better. "At least we got to hear two songs....And I got to see Gavin play guitar...It's okay..."

All the kid wanted was to hear *his song*, Glycerine. 

The next day he decided he wanted to play Glycerine for Gavin Rossdale. Since we now have social media to connect us to our idols, like a rock idol, we thought we'd video him playing guitar and somehow pass it on. I tweeted and B put it out on Facebook. I don't know if Gavin Rossdale saw it or not but we did all we could to get it to him.

Now I'm dropping it here, because, well, you just never know. We probably are not going to get to see Bush again, because the stars just aligned this time- perfect venue, on a non-school night, and the price was right. I don't know what Gavin Rossdale could do to make up for our aborted concert, (not that it was his fault), but even just a tweet to E would be great.

So we sort of saw Bush, and we're health-wise, on the mend. I got nothing done and barely saw anyone over break, but at least E didn't have to miss school and I didn't technically miss work because I had to be home with E anyway.

B was keeping a watch on the Wellmont Theater news from that night. Turns out- they let people back in after about forty minutes or so. We still couldn't have waited outside that long and it would've been too late. B had commented, he should just drop us home and come back. He should have. I wish he could've gotten his Bush fix. Sorry B! Maybe Santa will bring *you* tickets next year.

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