Monday, September 19, 2016

Product Push

Apparently I'm on the new product train these days. I got the Gizmo Gadget, and over the weekend I was suckered, but in a good way, at one of those mall kiosks. I know you're probably thinking, "What? Who is this? Am I reading the wrong blog?". No, no.

Usually, before I can even BE approached by these aggressive sales people operating the mall kiosks, I put on my best pained expression and practically start sprinting past them. No, I don't want your Dead Sea scrubs or copper pain relieving bracelet. Not your balls that go splat, your prom costume jewelry and/or fake ponytails, or emoji pillows.

We happened to be walking by one of those hair straighter kiosks on the bottom floor by Adidas in Garden State Plaza. When we were walking by, there was a woman with out of control frizzy hair getting her hair straightened by this magic brush. Her hair was REALLY bad. It was thick, and just a mass of frizz. The guy, Lorenzo, was combing her hair out and it was laying in nice flattened, de-frizzed sections. I couldn't help but be intrigued.

I loathe washing, drying, and straightening my hair. I don't even have thick or curly hair. I have thin, long, frizzy hair that just gets an unsightly wave if I don't use a bunch of product, a hair dryer, and a flat iron. It doesn't take LONG, but my arms get tired and I'm always in a hurry. This spring, I just started not drying it and not caring, and then if I had it in me, later in the day, when it was air dried, I'd use the flat iron. I got a new flat iron like six months ago and I don't even like it. It's fine but nothing is like my old one I can't even get anymore.

So this brush...Of course I let Lorenzo brush my hair with one- a CLEAN one. I'm not looking to get this new super lice going around. I let him do it because there is nothing I love more than having someone else brush or do anything to my hair. I'd actually washed, dried and straightened it myself before we got there. It was just so humid out that it looked all frizzy and terrible in the minutes it took to leave my house and get to the mall. Like the Lion/cat I am, I was all about him brushing me. But since he doesn't come with the brush, I had to pay attention.

I'd done no research on this or any other heat brush. I would never have purchased it normally. He said it's usually $299 but he'd sell it for $169 because it was an anniversary of nine years in the mall. I'm sure this is a crock, even though the prices on the website do say $299 for this brush. I just don't think anyone is buying it online like that. I think they're only sold at mall kiosks, which is where you'd have to see it. Most likely if you saw it in the mall, you'd have been pitched and would've gotten the lower price. You'd never have to go to the website. If you did, it shows the $299 and then I guess you're supposed to feel good about getting "the deal". The "deal" special for you.We also didn't pay the $169 either. I will assume they're given a bottom line price if someone seems on the hook enough to fork over the dough right then but is still hesitant. That's what I paid. I don't want to get the kid in trouble though so I'm not going to post what that is so just know that you can get it for less than the $169. Just seem interested but about to walk. I said that I wanted to see how my hair reacted when I went back outside first. That I'd be back.

My hair- The guy went into a whole spiel about how it's different than a flat iron. He said something about steam. Of course, B poked holes in that later because he said- "If there is no water, how is it steam? It's just heat." That's probably true. The sales guy said it could be used on wet hair. I don't think I would do that because that seems unnatural to me. He did use it on my frizzy hair and it did make it nice and smooth. It was much easier and less time consuming than the flat iron for a touch up kind of situation. I know that's probably not what most people are looking for in this type of product. They probably want to go from wet to dry with it without using a hair dryer. I want to just not use a hair dryer but use this later after my hair has air-dried instead of the flat iron. I don't have to blow dry but don't need the flat iron. The brush is just easier. Bigger sections and no snagging.

I often put my hair up the day after washing in a ponytail or bun to go on the treadmill or just walking or whatever. The bands make a dent. The brush got the denting out to look like I just washed my hair that day. Sometimes I find I have to go somewhere with done hair after I've started my day not having washed my hair. This will come in handy for those days I need a quick fix on dented, unwashed hair.

I really like the brush. I did do some research on the company, the brush, etc, because I couldn't help myself. Had I known about it a little earlier, I could've gotten it cheap on Groupon. Luckily, the deal is over, so I don't feel like I was totally taken. Because while they say there is a one year warranty, it's exchanges only and no refunds. If you got it home and decided you just didn't want it- too bad. You're in. I'm also going to assume they're not doing any price matching. Some of the comments on their Facebook page are from angry customers who had a problem with their customer service or pissed about the no refunds thing. Those things happen with every company, so I'm unconcerned at this point.

All in all, I think it's going to be a good purchase for me. I'd say that you should try one out, but only if you trust your skills in being able to say a firm no if you're not interested. Lorenzo wasn't pushy but they're good. They're trained to be good. Or they're innately good. Everyone has different hair and different needs though, so if it doesn't really wow you, then you should have the ability to say a firm no and move on. For my hair, it works. It's a cool life hack that will come in handy. We know how I love life hack type products. 

The name kind of skeeves me out a bit. Sutra. It sounds like sex toys. That's not really a complaint. Just an observation.

I don't have a before and after pic of my hair but you would have to see it on your own hair anyway. I'm just saying that it's worth a try or look-see. It's not just one of those annoying people trying to put crappy lotions on you as you're navigating the mall with your kids.

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