Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Back Baby Back!

Not just me- because I always say I'm back, then I don't really seem to be. TV is back! IT'S BACK! All of the TV. B has bailed on so many shows that it's looking like I may have to start getting up at like five o'clock in the morning to be able to watch all the things, old and new, that I want to watch.

I have to start with Dancing With The Stars. I'm really bummed that I didn't start watching this sooner. It just makes me happy. I ripped right through Monday's episode this morning without even looking at my cell phone except to sync my Fitbit. I love this show. It's just fun. At the beginning of every season, I think that I'm not going to be into it because I don't know most of the "stars" and then I'm pleasantly surprised. Sometimes I don't think I know them and then realize I do, like with Jake T. Austin. I had no idea he was the voice of Diego from Nick Jr. I actually know him from the TV show The Fosters but abandoned that show a few seasons ago. I didn't recognize him at first. He got a little older and a little chubbier- which I'm sure will change if he keeps dancing. *I didn't see who got kicked off yet*

I'm loving Jana Kramer and might have squealed when she danced to "I don't Wanna Be", the theme song to One Tree Hill by Gavin DeGraw. I know her as Alex Dupre, not as a country singer. I'm also really into Vanilla Ice. I was a teenager in the 90's. Enough said. But this entry isn't all about DWTS so I'm going to finish here. If you don't watch because you think it's corny, it IS corny! It's the good kind of corny that makes you smile. Even shed a tear from the personal stories and triumphs. I swear. There is definite crying on the treadmill and it isn't from getting up at six in the morning or jogging.

Everything else is back or starting this week. My DVR went from around sixty percent filled from stuff I still didn't catch up with from over the summer and/or are on the fence about bothering with, to around seventy-five percent in two nights.

I'm going to give you a list of what I have on tap that either B and I watch together or I watch alone.

The Voice- NBC, 8p
Lucifer- FOX, 9p

This is Us- NBC, 10p
Chicago Fire- NBC- comes back 10/11/16 at 10p
I don't know where This Is Us is going to go then. 

Blindspot- NBC, 8p
Empire- FOX, 9p
Chicago PD- NBC, 10p
Younger- TV Land, 10p

Grey's Anatomy- ABC, 8p
The Good Place- NBC, 8:30
Notorious- ABC, 9p
Chicago Med- NBC, 9p
Better Things- FX, 10p
How To Get Away With Murder- ABC, 10p
The Blacklist- NBC, 10p

Quantico- ABC, 9p.

I am on the fence about Quantico. I'm behind nine episodes and B has bailed. It got really confusing. I don't like their format of going back and forth in time. But I still have the episodes saved. I will see what happens. Unlike Limitless, which I was behind eleven episodes & is now cancelled. I erased them all except the one E was in for a hot second.

I'm looking forward to Notorious. I am going to miss Graceland so I'll take Notorious with Daniel Sunjata.

That's just what I know of so far. There is a show called High Maintenance that's starting in the beginning of November on HBO I want to try. The Affair comes back in November too. The third season of Transparent (Netflix) either started or is starting sometime soon. I'm still watching Real Housewives of the OC which I think is mid-season at this point. I'm sure there are other Real Housewives or other Bravo shows I'll pick up here and there.

I LOVE the show Better Things on FX. It's from Louis CK. It stars Pamela Adlon in a semi-autobiographical dramedy (according to me). It's about her as a single mom of three girls in LA. I knew I'd seen her before- she was on Louis but I never watched that. Then it hit me- Dolores Rebchuck! Grease 2. I knew I knew her! It's a half-hour show and definitely worth a watch.

Younger with Sutton Foster is coming back September 28th. We're definitely on board for that. I love Sutton Foster. I saw she's going to be in the Gilmore Girls reboot somehow and I'm looking forward to her and that show! I think Gilmore Girls is supposed to come back on Netflix at the end of November.

So this is how TV is shaping up for me right now. We didn't get to watch This Is Us yet. It looks like it lived up to the hype from the comments from friends on Facebook, so I'm really excited to get to that tonight. If you haven't checked out Lucifer- I thought it would be hokey, and it is, a little. But I love Tom Ellis something fierce. I was so annoyed when Rush got cancelled, so this is a good replacement. I also like Lauren German, who made me bawl my eyes out when she left Chicago Fire.

I may try to catch up with Billions. I DVR'd then erased it because we never got to it and it was taking up room. We also only watched one episode of the current season of House of Cards. We will eventually watch it but it requires too much brain power at the moment. And B does want to finish Andre Agassi's book sometime this year, so we'll have to see when we can fit this all in. It's a start! 

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