Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Summer Reality TV Stuff

Famously Single
 Let's really bring it down a notch and just talk trash tv or reality tv. I'm so enjoying most of what I'm watching right now so I wanted to discuss.

I started watching Famously Single this morning. I had missed the first episode last week but since it's E!, they replayed it a little later than this week's new episode. I didn't know who these supposedly famous people were except for Pauly D, who I quote a lot, and Brandi Glanville. I'm not a big fan of either one, although, Pauly has given me a lot of great quotes to steal over the years. Brandi got a little out of hand on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. At first she was fun and funny, but then it just got too much. She was always making up drama to start. I admit though, I was curious about this show. I actually only knew that Brandi was going to be in the cast- I didn't even know about Pauly.

I forgot about the show but Wendy Williams mentioned that it was her new guilty pleasure. I went immediately to my Optimum app and hit record. I watched this morning. I'm not super interested in any of the famous people, all living together in a sweet loft, being worked over by a therapist and two date coaches. They are not really famous, most of them, in my opinion. Maybe because I just don't know the stuff they were on or did to get famous. But whatever- their interactions with each other are interesting.

When Brandi looks like the nice, compassionate one, you sort of feel like you've entered a Freaky Friday kind of thing. Pauly is still Pauly D from Jersey Shore. He still is pretty much a shell of a real person. In the first episode, he's acting like he's in Tempts in Seaside Heights with Ronnie, The Sitch, and Vinny. He immediately was making fun of some guy's shoes in the club, by repeatedly yelling, "WHAT ARE THOSE?!" like a broken record of annoying. Brandi tried to stick up for the guy when Pauly and a woman from Love & Hip Hop (I think) were railing on him. Fighting between the women ensued, as usual. Everyone loves a good reality show girl fight.

Pauly claimed later that he was joking, that it was funny. I believe he really thinks that. Meanwhile, the therapist pointed out that because he's a "celeb", maybe there was an imbalance of power thing going on. The light bulb in his head visually went off and he saw her point. However, this is clearly why he's never been in love (by his own admission) and thinks stupidity like that is funny. He's the poster boy for arrested development. He's matured zero. Hopefully this therapy will at least advance him from a mental age of around seventeen, to about twenty-three? I don't know, but it's entertaining.

I'm watching Famously Single on my own, but B and I are watching Coupled. It's a reality show where there are twelve girls living in villas in Anguilla. They bring in guys one by one. The girls all meet the guy one on one for a few minutes. The girl, without the guy's knowledge, chooses yes or no to getting to know him better. He meets up with the yeses, if there are any (one guy got none), and then he picks two to take to some nice villas somewhere else on the island. From there, he picks which one he connected with more, and they go somewhere even nicer to meet up with other coupled off couples who met the same way. E! Tuesdays, 10p

Again, as usual, hi-jinks ensue with girl fighting, couple fighting, and man-swapping. One girl in particular is so annoying that you want to stop watching just because of her, but you don't just can't. You're sucked in. You need to know if this love junkie, caffeinated wind-up doll of a conservative radio host ever finds someone who doesn't want to buy stock in ear plugs after talking to her for five seconds. FOX, Tuesdays, 9p.

I get an awesome birthday present- Bachelor in Paradise is back on my birthday- August 2nd. I see Chad from Jojo's current Bachelorette season is all signed up. Couldn't have seen that coming. Nick Viall from some other season is in too. The perpetual crying virgin- Ashley I. will be back as will the guy she stalked last time- Jared H., the guy devoid of all personality. Beyond that, I don't know who any of them are, except James Taylor from Jojo's season. Because...well, his name is James Taylor. And he's a musician. You don't forget that.

Annoying Ashley I. & her annoying sister
B and I don't really watch The Bachelor/ette - he gave up on it before Sean's season. I watched here and there. It's just way too long of a show. Two hours of fluff. Cut it down to an hour and I'd be back. Maybe. The producers have totally missed the whole idea of getting the viewer to want more. It's like they recap every scene after a commercial break. We picked up The Bachelorette this season only for the "Two Night Event" preceding the NBA finals because of the whole Chad debacle but anything but the Chad thing was boring. I still have the one episode after that, where he comes back to the house after being let go. We're watching Orange Is The New Black though, and that is way more important.

Toni's Crazy-Eyes
Bachelor Pad was amazing though- it was almost like having Paradise Hotel back. Nothing will ever compare to the first season of Paradise Hotel, or just the era that brought us both PH and Love Cruise with Toni Ferrari. She was the original Crazy Eyes. But Bachelor Pad was close to those in quality and drama levels. Now we have Bachelor in Paradise, where there are not challenges to win stuff, but they do still have challenges. Bring on the ridiculous drama and cue up the crying.

As far as Bravo goes, I'm in for Real Housewives of Orange County, which started this week, and Real Housewives of NJ, which comes back July 20. Of course I'm continuing with Real Housewives of NY. Those ladies have been BRINGING IT this time. It's Threat Level: Scary Island over there. I think there has only been one episode where not much happened. Otherwise, it's terror in the Berkshires and terror all over Manhattan. Bethenny has been baring her teeth something fierce.

I was going to try EJ NYC - EJ Johnson's fabulous life in NYC, but I haven't gotten to it. I think I have it on the DVR. I deleted all of Below Deck because I watched a few episodes last season and I just never got hooked. It's all new people, except for one, this season, so I didn't feel invested. I'm ridiculously giddy for the Southern Charm reunion, which airs this Monday.

I'm definitely trying Greatest Hits hosted by Arsenio Hall. It's a show with music from the 80's and 90's sung by famous artists. Not sure what the hook is or what exactly it's about but I'm going to try it. I have a friend I know would be watching if she could, so I feel like I need to watch it in her honor. 

Anything else? What are you watching? I never watched Big Brother, so if that's around this summer, I'm not getting into that. Same with Amazing Race and Survivor. Not for me. I don't know why, but not my thing.

I'm going to do a separate post for scripted shows. Otherwise, with all the tv I watch, this could go on all day.

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