Thursday, April 21, 2016

Holes In The Noses

Pleasurable Piercings, Hawthorne, NJ

I'm forty-one. Not that far from being forty-two. But I don't feel like whatever forty-one is supposed to feel like. Well, I don't know for sure that it's supposed to feel anything but I don't ever feel any older, in my mind, than I did in my early thirties. I don't really remember my early twenties, which could be because I'm in my forties, but I'm not trying to be confusing.

Last time Sydney babysat, she said her mom would let her get a nose ring if I took her. But that also meant I'd be getting one too. I mean, I couldn't let her do it alone. Part of the fun of being like the older sister (or really like the "fun aunt"- but, see, I would still classify myself sister vs aunt) is doing the fun stuff too. Could I do this? I wasn't thinking I was too old for a nose ring. I was thinking- I know this is going to hurt and what happens if my body rejects it like it did the belly button ring(s)?? I'd always wanted a nose ring. Ever since I saw Kimberly McCullough had one on General Hospital as Robin Scorpio. I thought it looked really cute.

I'd gotten my belly button done when I was like twenty-five? Twenty-six? I'm not sure. It was after my "big break-up". I was just starting my year(s) of yes, where I was just going to do all the stuff I missed having been in a serious relationship from ages twenty through twenty-five. The belly ring was in, especially in Belmar, where I was spending my summers, living Jersey Shore before it was even a thought in any producer's minds. Unfortunately, over the next few years, the ring grew out three times. Grew out, you ask? Oh yes. It was gross. The skin it went through got thinner and thinner until there was just sort of a U-shaped hole where the ring used to be. I don't know how to explain it any better and I'm pretty sure you don't want me to explain further. I'm not sure why I felt the need to re-pierce it and re-pierce it, but I did. I'm now left with a really nifty looking (NOT) scar where my perfectly normal belly button used to live.

All I had left that was pierced are my ears. I had three holes in each side, but the thirds had closed long ago. Actually, I'm not really sure whether it was one second and one third that closed. On one ear the holes that are left, that I wear earrings in, are closer to each other than on the other ear. No matter- I don't really care. No one has ever noticed and I don't always wear two sets of earrings at the same time.

I sort of forgot about the whole piercing thing though- I figured it would happen if it happened, but who knows when. Two Saturdays ago, as I was on my way to be in the audience of Beat Bobby Flay: Kids Edition with E, I got a text from Sydney asking if I wanted to go get the piercing. Obviously I was on my way to Brooklyn so that was a no-go, but I told her I could go on Sunday. She said okay. I was really doing this now. I don't back out of plans. I could be in the hospital and if I had plan, I'd somehow make it out of there to get where I said I'd be. We were ON.

Syd and I after piercing
We went to Pleasurable Piercings in Hawthorne. Liz, Syd's mom, had to come anyway, because I guess the place needs proof of age and consent. No one was asking me for my ID, so I don't know what the deal is with all that. Except that being that Liz was there, I was thinking I really didn't need to be doing this. However, I told Syd that I would do it, so I was sticking to that. I just told her that she had to go first. She did go first, and watching that, I thought that I should've gone first. B and E met us there so we all watched Syd, then they all watched me. It looked a lot grosser and more painful than it actually ended up. I've only ever seen ear piercing with a gun, like in the mall, which apparently, is not the way to go. Here, they stick a huge needle or something in there. I kept my eyes closed mostly, but I saw the pictures B took.

The girl who did the piercing was great. She was very nice and professional. Her name is Amanda and I highly recommend her if you go there. I'd read on Yelp that there can be a long wait. We just made sure to get there right at noon when they open. We didn't have to wait long at all. They explained everything to us, finished all the necessary paperwork, paid and then we were all ready. They're very good about explaining the care, maintenance, and changing of jewelry. They also give you some paperwork in case you're not listening.

Totally great piercing experience. I won't be piercing anything else, but I am going with my friend Amy next week so she can get something done. I'd also recommend taking your kids to get their ears pierced there vs going to a mall kiosk. This is what they do here all day long, they aren't random part-time teen workers like at the mall.

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