Friday, April 8, 2016

American Idol Finale

I didn't write about American Idol at all this season. I didn't think anyone was watching, except maybe Rachel (was-Heller-now-Z). Rachel enjoys the country contestants though and I so thoroughly do NOT, so sometimes it's like watching two different shows. She's watching Country Idol, and I'm like where are all the indie-singer-songwriters. This season seemed heavy with my type of music, so I was happy, but figured I had no one to really discuss it with. Sorry Rachel, I clapped with glee every time another country person went home.

I thought the talent was really higher-end this time, and I really liked the Top 10. I knew what order I'd like to see them all go, but I didn't have clear dislikes that I felt I couldn't wait for them to get kicked off.

I kind of felt like the top fourteen all got robbed though. Every season so far, it was a Top 12 and they had a few more weeks of singing. The kids got screwed by going down to one night of singing and including eliminations. That, instead of two nights. I LOATHED the previous "theme nights" they used to have - making the poor contestants sing Motown, the Beatles, or some other old timey catalogue that wasn't in most of their wheelhouses. Boring music they shouldn't have had to sing. It should have always been more of a genre thing like a decade, or rock. Something super broad so they can all find something that plays to their strengths. Or just something they ACTUALLY KNOW. If they know who they are as artists, as they're always being told they need to know, then I don't know why a country guy is made to sing Celine Dion songs or whatever just because Celine wants to be on the show or have her songs sung. *Not really Celine, but you get my point.

They did better this time by not making them sing crappy old timey music. But they knocked them off the show so fast, we barely got to know them. We hardly got to see them sing. They gave those judges more singing time in total.

They started kicking the kids off two by two. Then, they'd make them learn songs, and get kicked off before they could sing them. It was so anticlimactic. I LOVED Dalton. I liked Mackenzie a lot too. I knew Mackenzie was going home when he did. But I still had Dalton. I knew he wasn't the best singer of the three remaining, but he was the most interesting. To me. I knew he wasn't going to WIN, but I at least wanted to hear him sing in the show before the finale. And he sang. ONE SONG. Of the three he prepared to sing! He was eliminated before he could sing the other two. Then one of those judges performed. Keith? JLo? I have no idea because I FF'd it.

I was debating just canning the whole thing at that point. Trent and LaPorsha are super talented. They were both lovely people. Very deserving of their spots. Their music just bored me to tears. I just didn't care anymore.

And I was so over seeing any of those judges perform. I'm pretty sure we saw enough of Keith, JLo and Harry perform over the whole season. That's what you get when you have talent judge. They can't let the kids just have their time. They have to horn in on it. Every. Chance. They. Got.

On the actual finale, I was looking forward to at least seeing the kids from this season doing their usual duets with famous musicians. I thought I was getting to see Dalton sing again at least. This is where I feel robbed as a fan.

A walk down memory lane could've been cool. If the show was three hours, like an awards show. The whole thing seemed so rushed and just packed with as many ex-Idol contestants as they could grab quickly. They didn't even get to really shine, if that was the goal. It went so fast, I could barely make out who was singing what.

I also would've been happier if the kids from the season still got to do their duets with famous people. No, instead, they just had an endless parade of people I don't remember singing from the same shitty theme night catalogues they had to sing from in their old seasons. The Commodores? No one wants to hear George someone from season whatever sing "Sugar pie, honey bunch"! No one wanted to hear it then! I sure as hell didn't want to hear it now. I had to keep rewinding so I could see the names of the people singing and their season. Some I still couldn't remember. There were also some notable people missing- Jax, Kimberly Caldwell, Crystal Bowersox, Casey Abrams, David Archuleta to name a few...I saw online somewhere that the beat box boy was there but I didn't see him. They certainly didn't have him beat box!

There wasn't even any Adam lambert! And then the white farm boy with no real story won. I couldn't even cry and I can always cry. I feel like LaPorsha should've won. I could've shed a tear for her. She had a story, and American Idol has also always been about a story.

Not JLo's booty shaking.  

Sigh. Two hours wasted. Diamond- OUT.

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