Tuesday, June 9, 2015

More TV goodness

I finished my last tv post prematurely. I hadn't watched a few things yet. Now I have...

OMG. Hindsight. VH1. It started in January 2015. It ran for 10 episodes and is already picked up for a second season. I didn't watch when it was on. I wasn't even really sure what it was about. I knew it had something to do with the 90's so I dvr'd it and then just didn't watch until everything else I watch ended for the season.

It's a little like Being Erica. *If you haven't seen Being Erica, you'd best put that on your list too.* It's a time travel do-over life kind of thing. Like a Choose Your Own Adventure book. But being able to go back and change your adventure to change the outcome in the future. Being Erica was time travel back to the 80's, this is time travel back to the 90's. Aimee Tuck, you need to watch this. It's all our music from freshman year. Everything they wear reminds me of us. I'm pretty sure Stay was played in the first two episodes. I'm only on the third episode, but I could've stayed on the treadmill all day watching it. Anyone that knows me, knows that I don't want to be on the treadmill at all, so it must be good. If you are nearing forty, are forty or a little older, you'll really appreciate this show. Find it somewhere online or on some streaming service. You won't be sorry, even if just for the music trip down memory lane.

Becoming Us, ABC Family, Mondays. It's the real life story of a family, mainly the son, coping with his dad transitioning to a woman. It is a documentary series. His girlfriend also has a transgender father who has been transitioning since the daughter was seven years old. But he isn't comfortable in his female look so I think he only dresses as a woman at home. It's really interesting. B thought it was a little slow, but it picked up more toward the middle to end. There is an arc about a half-sister getting engaged and married that I found a little boring, but I think that part is going to get interesting due to how Charles/Carlie, her stepfather, is going to be integrated into the wedding. The mother and her transitioning ex are somewhat amicable, but she is still a bit hurt and angry. The father, Charlie/Carlie, didn't handle the whole thing well and started taking hormones and such while he was still married and didn't say anything until he started growing breasts. I can see how that would be a problem in a marriage. I think it's worth checking out.

The Fosters, ABC Family, Mondays. I watched the first season. B abandoned mid-season in the second I think so I had to abandon because it was dvr'd upstairs. I never got to it. I like it though. I watched last night's and I remembered that I liked it. I'm sorry to see Jesus go though. I think he was an important character. Sometimes it gets annoying because it's a little schmaltzy but I'll probably just skip catching up and watch it this season.

RHOC is BACK. Mondays, 9p, Bravo. Those crazy bitches are back, crazier than ever. If you liked the OGs of the OC, ever, this is a season to watch. Vicki, Tamra, Heather, Shannon, and Megan (I think that's her name? she's new). Brooks is around and I think Lizzie has been relegated to "friend of the housewives".

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