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Let's talk TV- Tara's Guide

Looks kind of like all of ours...
Every time I get a moment to hear something on a talk show, I feel like they're talking spring and summer tv. What was watched, not watched, and what we should be watching. I just saw a segment on what's coming up. I want to talk a little about what I just finished and is finishing, at least for the season- not for good. I don't even want to discuss Forever being cancelled. Abe....

People told me I *had* to watch Southern Charm. I have to admit, it was one of those shows that I dvr'd but didn't watch that way. I would catch it on Saturdays and/or on Sundays during the day when I'd be getting ready to go out, getting dressed, putting make-up on, etc. I got the gist of it. I know who the people are, most of their backstory, but I just couldn't watch the whole thing. I feel like I missed very little watching it this way though.

Thomas Ravenel reminds me of the "how many lumps do you want" cartoon character from Bugs Bunny. What a dunce. I have a hard time listening to him talk. I highly doubt Kathryn had a baby to "secure a spot on a reality show" (per Whitney's words on the reunion last night). I don't know why, at age twenty-three, she'd have a baby with a fifty-two year old man, but she isn't the first and she won't be the last. She's twenty-three. Twenty-three year olds do a lot of stupid things. I loathe Whitney. Grow up. Aging wannabe bad-boy with a mama's boy issue. And the whole mail order bride thing he has going on is creepy. That German model is younger than Kathryn. Pot meet kettle much?? Craig is twenty-seven, smart, and good-looking. What else is there to say? He's twenty-seven. He acts like one. Shep is alright. A goofy, endearing, immature, playboy. The reality tv staple. Candace and Landon are just pretty, cute, and harmless. Window dressing.

Why was I mostly uninterested? I don't relate to them. I was never independently wealthy, I've never had a sugar daddy or wanted to date daddy figures, I'm not southern, and I don't know how to fake appearances. Nor do I want to. It's all just a culture I don't get. It's fine, and it looks like they have fun, I'm just bored. I asked myself why they are different than Vanderpump Rules. On VPR, they're young, hot, hot-headed, immature and while my friends and I didn't live in LA, we had stupid drama like they do. Replace West Hollywood with Belmar. It's all the same. The drama was just more intense and interesting. It's was constant explosives. I felt like there was a lot of waiting around for something to happen on Southern Charm. If I don't have any urge to follow you on twitter after watching you on reality TV, you're boring.

It's the same with some of the Housewives. I don't watch all of them, just the ones where I feel like there is always something going on. I almost abandoned RHONY until Bethenny came back. I can relate to her family stuff. I find that part fascinating. The rest is a bit of a snooze, but it has more relatable moments for me. I will say that I have caught RHOA in marathons on the weekend when Southern Charm wasn't playing. It was pretty interesting. I won't dvr it, but will probably watch it whenever it's on. Same with Shahs of Sunset. I find them way more interesting than I thought I would.

Ok- on to what I've been watching that either is in mid-season, ending or just started....

Younger- TV Land, Tuesdays 10p. I think it's almost over- I don't know. It's a half hour show so it isn't a huge commitment. Yes, it's a silly premise but I love Sutton Foster, she can pass for twenty-six, and it's just a cute, guilty pleasure. I missed Deb Mazur since Entourage ended, I love the guy who plays the tattoo artist boyfriend, and I've sort of gained a little appreciation for Hilary Duff. Try it, you'll like it.

Happyish- Showtime, Sundays 9:30. Four or five episodes in now. It's weird, totally inappropriate, and can be borderline offensive to some. It's about advertising, getting older and seeming obsolete in the workplace (Steve Coogan) and his self-loathing Jew of a wife (Kathryn Hahn) who has mother issues. If you're in advertising, over 40, and/or Jewish, I think you'll really get a kick out of it. The Jewish mother stuff with Lee (Hahn) is beyond hysterical. Some parts are sort of like what I imagine an acid trip is like. What I find really interesting, is that the Steve Coogan role was supposed to be Philip Seymour Hoffman. I can't picture him in it, but B can. It's also only a half hour, so it's like a quickie.

Aquarius- NBC, Thursdays 9p- David Duchovny is the lead detective in the Charles Manson cases, but before Charles Manson was really known as THE Charles Manson. CM is young, and just starting to gather his minions. Duchovney is a salty old-school guy with an ex-wife and a kid who just deserted the military in the Vietnam war time. It was a bit slow but got really good toward the end. I think they showed the first two episodes, even though they called it a "2-hour premiere". So the second hour was better than the first. If you think it's slow, just give it a chance. We'll continue watching.

UnReal- Lifetime, Mondays 10p. It just started this week. It's SO good. I didn't watch Dirt, but someone I know compared it to that. It's the fictional drama about the behind the scenes of a Bachelor type show. But it's more about the inner workings and the people who work on it vs the bachelor and bachelorettes. It's all about the manipulation and crazy they manufacture. It was riveting tv, I tell you. Right now, it's our new favorite.

America's Got Talent- NBC, Tuesdays 8p, and probably another night as time goes on. The first night was last week. As long is Stern is on, I'm tuning in. I love to watch the kids. And Piff the Magic Dragon was pretty funny.

Wayward Pines- Thursdays, 9p. Horror genre. All star cast. A friend's son from town is in it- Charlie Tahan. Matt Dillon, Terrence Howard, Carla Gugino, Melissa Leo.



Secrets & Wives- Bravo, Tuesdays, 10p. TONIGHT (June 2). Long Island. Instead of spoiled Jews this time, I'm sure it's another stereotyped & maligned ethnicity. But, Long Island. So I'm watching. It looks nuts.

Real Housewives of Orange County- Bravo, Mondays 9p. June 8. I'm in. I've watched all the seasons. I like their low class dramedy. What can I say?

Odd Mom Out premieres after RHOC. Bravo, Mondays, 10p. June 8. I'm giving it a shot. It will probably be mediocre like the last scripted series from last summer/fall that I can't remember the name. But I need something for the treadmill.

Mistresses- ABC, Thursdays 9p. June 18. I hate-watch this show. It's so slow and stupid but I watch. I'll miss Alyssa Milano, but it's fine for summer fluff.

Ballers- HBO, Sundays, June 21. I don't love "The Rock", but after finally seeing Gridiron Gang, I've softened. It looks good.

Graceland- USA, Thursdays, 10p. June 25. WE LOVE THIS SHOW. Watch the first two seasons on demand if you can. It's worth it. Can't wait for it to come back.

**Orange Is The New Black- comes out June 12. But since we only have old tube TV's and can't stream on them, I don't know when we'll get to that one. We still haven't seen season 3 of House of Cards.


Ray Donovan- HBO, Sundays 9p. July 12. Do I even need to say anything? Who isn't looking
forward to knowing what happens with the Donovan clan?

Impastor, TV Land, Wednesdays, 10:30, July 15. Watched the sneak preview after Younger this week and it's funny. Definitely worth a watch at a half hour long. Buddy Dobbs is a foul mouthed guy with a mess of a life due to poor choices on his part. Circumstances allowed for him to take over someone else's identity who happens to be the new pastor of a small town in the middle of nowhere, picked sight unseen, from an online search. Oh, and the guy whose life he took over was also a gay, out, pastor.

Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll- FX, Thursdays, 10p. July 16. Denis Leary. Looks good. Just saw something about it on Wendy Williams this morning. I like FX shows.


Bachelor in Paradise- ABC, Mondays, 8p. August 3. How could we not watch this? I don't even know any of the bachelors and bachelorettes anymore, but this is like the poor man's Paradise Hotel. It tries. I'll take it.




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