Friday, November 14, 2014


For this class they were to pick an owl they liked from the many owl paintings posted up around the room. They were to draw it, paint, then make it into a collage. E picked a cool looking owl that had a lot of design on the inside of owl form.

After he picked his owl and I knew the gist of what he was going to do, I left. He was excited to show me what he was doing when I came back. He opted out of doing a collage on his page, he just wanted to use Cray-Pas & paint. Apparently he really enjoys using those.

The girls in the class were very into doing their collages. I don't know why E didn't want to do that but I loved his finished product. I really feel he's getting a lot out of this class. He's getting to use all kinds of mediums and figure out what he likes the best.


He's very proud of his work when he's finished. And so am I!

Drawing Room
Midland Park, NJ

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