Thursday, November 6, 2014

Money Money Money

Just a reminder as you do your online holiday shopping-

Coupon codes, invites, links galore! Use mine, shop and we both get credit!

Go to Ebates BEFORE buying anything online and get money back for the stuff you buy. Totally legit- I got $250 back after last holiday season's online shopping. They give you your money every three months. I can't retire on it but it's better than nothing!


Directions how to use ebates:

1. Go to Ebates using my link and sign up.
2. Search for the "store" you want to buy from (snapfish, Gap, whatever)
3. Click through to the store site. It'll show an ebates tracking ticket before it goes to the page.
4. Make your purchase without going to other sites/tabs/pages. (Like, don't go from the page to google on another page or something- if you have to look something else up online, make a new tracking ticket before going back to the store site. You can open as many tickets as you want- you just need to have one open to get credit)
5. It'll show up in your Ebates account within 1-4 days- usually right away. 
Stores change how much cash back they're giving all the time. You'll get emails from ebates telling you what stores are doing double cash back or a higher amount back than usual.

Tradesy: You get $25 in free first purchase credit for signing up with my link.

 Amazon Mom:



Rue La La:


One Kings Lane:
Happy shopping! Don't forget to use Ebates every time. If you forget, you're out of luck for that purchase!

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