Friday, October 10, 2014


We drove into the new Fair Lawn Promenade one night- I don't remember why. We saw a line outside a hamburger place. I was intrigued so I looked in quickly to see why the line was out the door and take a quick look at the menu prices. The line was out there because it's like Bobby's Burger Palace in the way that it is a small line area. It doesn't fit many people. Overflow has to go outside. But they don't have that same annoying system of having to order before getting a seat. If you're with someone who knows what you want, they could order and you could sit. I just surveyed the scene and we decided we'd try it one night.

Wednesday evening we had a lighting house call all the way over in Cliffside Park at 6:30pm. We knew it was going to be a long night- we had E with us. Our plan to eat close to home on our way back. We remembered we wanted to try Habit.

We arrived there around 7:30pm. It was somewhat busy but no line out the door. The ordering was easy. It was much easier than at an unnamed local burger place that shall remain unnamed. I didn't need to get us a seat. There were a few booths available. But if it was really busy, I'd have to think lack of seating is a problem. It's kind of small in there. The prices are totally reasonable. It's definitely less expensive than BBP and the unnamed place.

I ordered a cheeseburger and sweet potato fries. I don't know if it says somewhere that there is mayo on the bun but if it does say it somewhere, I missed it. I don't like mayo. So I asked for another bottom bun piece and they gave it to me with no problem. Bun is toasted. The burger is also piled with a lot of garnish. Tomato, pickle, onion and a lot of shredded lettuce. I don't mind the lettuce and tomato but I don't like onion and it was chopped and in the cheese so I just had to suck it up. It wasn't a big deal- it was more like if I had known it was going to come that way, I would've just asked for a plain cheeseburger. It was probably one of the best burgers I've had at any of these specialty burger places. My sweet potato fries were really good too. Crispy, not soggy. Good portion.

Accoutrements were kind of hard to find. No napkin holders out on the tables. No plastic-ware anywhere to be found. Had to ask for it. Maybe because they put all the condiments on the burgers already (including ketchup or mayo)?

I got E a kid's meal. This is where I am scratching my head. There were a few choices- I think burger, nuggets, and grilled cheese. They give the option of apple slices or applesauce over fries, which I fully appreciate. I picked the applesauce because E never even eats the fries- B and I do. I already ordered fries. I don't need extra. We got the meal and with it, as "dessert" I guess, they give a gummy "Mini Burger". Halloween candy sized. They bother to have healthier options, so they're somewhat conscious but then give out gummy candy? I just find this puzzling. I try to limit food dye when I can. I don't make it a big deal but there are some definite things we're just not having. Gummy Mini Burger is one of them. It's just not necessary! If you're a business that's into healthy options, give me an option. Do I want the gummy candy, something else or nothing? I was just blindsided when that showed up on the tray. Again, not a huge deal. E isn't into food. Any kind of food. He wanted it because it looked cool. I told him I dropped it on the floor and it was dirty. He said- "Ok". But for the parent that it could be an issue for- probably most parents, why do you have to give out a surefire annoyance?

Listen, we weren't in Whole Foods. I'm fully aware of this. It's a burger joint. Just be consistent. If you're going to bother giving me healthier options, don't just throw gummy candy on the tray willy-nilly. That's all I ask. It's like the people at the bank that ask your kid if they want a lollipop. Why?? If I want to give him a lollipop, I'll ask, thanks.

B thought it was the best of the burgers we've had at these type of places too. I don't know if we'll be back together. B would probably go there alone or take E. I wouldn't turn it down if we were out again and needed to eat but it wasn't so awesome that I'm craving or raving about it. The staff was super courteous and quick. That was a plus. It was also very clean in there.

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