Thursday, January 16, 2014

Gray Matter

Or the matter of grays. I'm about seven months from forty and I've never noticed any. I've never looked. It may come off like I have a high level of vanity and would be searching and destroying any grays in my path....but I'm far too lazy for that. I'm vain in more of a "big picture" kind of way. I love to shop, I love clothes and a good bargain (still reeling about Loehmann's). I REALLY love Botox, I've had liposuction, and if I won the lottery, I have a list of things I'd do. But, I don't inspect myself. You want to take a chunk of fat out? Sure. But I don't nitpick on the smaller scale. Unless I had a head full of grays, I don't usually notice something that's more here or there. Except, now they are HERE.

My hairdresser is aware...I don't usually "DO" my hair. He makes magic happen and then I ruin it with a daily, messy bun. I go to him to make sure that if I do have somewhere to go, my hair can be camera ready on the fly. But on the daily, we're all just lucky if it was washed.

I went to see Don, my hairdresser, this week. Part of my issue is that I've been seeing noticeable thinning in the front where I make my part. I know Don uses Eufora products and there are Eufora products that address that problem. Also, B likes my hair long. But when I leave it long it's really plain and boring because I don't do it. I started poking around in my hair, in the mirror, to see what I'd like for my cut when I noticed a gray sticking straight up in the air. Don then informed me that I have many. Awesome.

 I wanted a cut that was a little more involved so I could attempt to make it more interesting on the daily. If I was to get around to it. Don didn't disappoint. Great color, great haircut. It was the best my hair has looked. I was really happy. 

I also bought the Eufora shampoo for thinning hair. Don't think I forgot about the spray for thinning too. I just haven't been good about using it. I use it every single time I wash my hair but I'm going to throw myself under the bus and tell you I only wash my hair like 3x a week. Whatever- don't side-eye me. I don't have time to wash daily and I've HEARD people with AMAZING hair, like Connie Britton say she doesn't wash hers daily. And her hair has it's own Twitter account. So I use it 3x a week but you're supposed to use it twice a day. BUT, Don felt in my hair and he told me the spots I had to be hitting because he could feel the roughness of new hair. That thrilled me. Imagine if I use the shampoo AND remembered to use the spray every day?! It's just one spot really, that's bothering me, because it's right in the front.

No one probably sees it but me, but I see it and that's enough. I think it's from always parting at the same place for years. Or who knows what. I also want to mention that I asked Don if I needed anything else and HE SAID NO. That's important because someone in my hysterical nature of the moment might have been taken by a less scrupulous hairdresser. Hey- I get it- it's part of their job to sell and you hope you can trust your person not to take you to the cleaners with tons of product. So I just got the shampoo this time. We shall see...

I didn't get to get a close up photo of my hair but I can't even express my happiness. With my hair. Not the fact that I was covering grays, or seeing bags under my eyes. But great hair is hard to come by but when it comes out the way you want it, an easier fix than plastic surgery!

Sorry Don, I couldn't put up the picture of the dog and I. I couldn't deal with the eye bags. I need to be lit better. Just call me Mariah Carey (legendary photographic demands).

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