Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Bust of the Boom

I don't know when Boom Burger opened. Maybe a year and a half ago? Two years? I don't know. Time flies but I checked Yelp and it seems their reviews go back to around February of 2012. So I'm going with that. There were so many burger places that opened- BUCU, Bobby's Burger Palace, Smashburger, Vinburger, East Coast Burger and who knows what else. I am in that area- where Boom Burger is, a decent amount. It's right by Loehmanns and the back of Garden State Plaza. But we just never made it there.

It's always been a weird spot. I used to go there A LOT when it was Circa. I used to take my Jdates there, I loved the food, and I even knew the staff from being a regular. But Circa closed, like every restaurant that was before and past- until Boom Burger. I guess people in the area have a thing for burgers. But the place is huge. It's more bar than food. They didn't really change anything in there except adding like twenty TV's to make it more of a "sports bar" feel. Maybe that is the draw?

We finally went there last week. And I wasn't impressed. I'm not a meat aficionado. I don't know an awesome burger from a crappy one. I haven't eaten fast food in probably over seven years but I can't say I didn't like a #2 (two cheeseburger meal) from McDonalds back in the day. So obviously I'm not that picky.

My issue is that it still looks more "upscale" but it's a burger joint. By definition, even if the bar is it's moneymaker, a burger place should be way kid-friendly. For the adults these day, I feel it needs to have something that can pass for sort of healthy. Yes, it's burgers, but in this day and age of so much talk of health, obesity, better choices, AND smart finances, there has to be some differentiation between this kind of higher end, more expensive burger and just going through a drive-thru.

We were with E when we tried it. First things first- they don't even have a kids menu. What?? How is that even possible? And WHY NOT?? My weird child pulls up to any restaurant and the first thing out of his mouth is- "I'm not hungry. I want nothing. I'm not eating. Ever." Well, we can't have that or he's screaming he's hungry at 3a when I am not giving him dinner. Even if I do happen to be awake at that hour usually. So why can't you have a small slider meal for kids? Why do I need to purchase a full size burger for my child who might eat a quarter of it. Or half. But oddly, they had milk, and in kid cups. So you can go half-assed for the kids? It can't be that difficult to add a few kid related items to the menu just to make life easier. Sliders, hot dog, grilled cheese, apple slices, applesauce, grapes, carrots and dip. Some choices that mix typical burger fare paired with a healthier side.

I get that it's a burger place. And I like a burger. But if I'm going to eat that I want to feel like I can balance it out with some lighter stuff too. I think if they expanded their menu a little I'd check it out. But it wasn't anything special, the burger was ok, the fries were good. Just nothing in particular that would make me want to come back. E didn't especially like it- there weren't crayons/paper placemat to draw on or anything for him. He wasn't impressed either.

I give it credit for surviving- that spot is as bad luck as the Mall at 4 for keeping business. And I'm not sure why because it IS in a hotel. So if they have people in the hotel, I'd assume they want to eat/drink there. But then again, the mall is right across the street so I don't know if that's what kills business there. I wish them well- I just won't be back. When it was Circa, it was awesome. Just had to throw that in there. I ate REALLY well on my dates.


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