Thursday, June 6, 2013

Raising Awareness

I certainly didn't set out to have a blog about cancer, but then, no one really expects to be diagnosed with cancer either. I don't know if there is just more cancer or if I just know a lot of people. Well, ok, I *do* know a lot of people, but it's just weird or interesting...and sad, that in my 39th year I happen to know way too many.

Cancer always seemed so far off. Like Alzheimer's. Something you get when you're old. I still think of my 20's self, wearing body glitter and dancing at D'Jais. Cancers were the furthest thing from my mind and I certainly didn't know anyone my own age or younger with any form of it. I'd seen kids or young moms with it on tv, read it in magazines and seen it shared on FB. But it feels like it's getting closer and closer. I honestly don't worry about it for me...I'm just not neurotic like that. But I worry about my friends, acquaintances, children of those friends.

So there isn't all that much I can do to actually fight tumors. I'm not a doctor, a healer, or a magician. What I DO have is this blog. So I can get the word out when someone is having a fundraiser or event for any of these way-too-young peers and children who are suffering with different forms of cancer. If it brings in one extra person to an event or a dollar, that's cool. Even if it just raises awareness that it's not just something other people get- it can hit really close to home and those you would never think. It's something.

Alison Bloomfield is a relatively new friend from town. Our sons are a grade apart in preschool and it turns out she lives literally in sight distance from my house. Limor Beck is her sister-in-law & she has ovarian cancer. There is a fundraiser for her coming up in September. I know that seems far out but it comes faster than you can imagine. I saw the flyer on her Facebook page so I wanted to share. I know these things are only as helpful as the amount of people you know so I thought it would a nice bonus to get the word out to my readers as well. 

I don't know about you guys but I LOVE a tricky tray/silent auction type of night. That's MY kind of gambling. And if you think you have something cool to donate as an auction/raffle item, their contact info is on the flyer below. Plus, who doesn't want to go to The Brownstone. Last time I was there, I was running to get E to a bathroom and ran smack into Albert Manzo. It was my brush with Reality TV fame on an otherwise ordinary Saturday.

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