Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Subtle Edge

It's been around three months so I'm back to talking about my hair. I'm going to use the word "subtle" which is not usually a word in my vocabulary. Not only use it but LIKE it.

I've done the crazy blue and pink where everyone stared and one other mom from E's school that I ran into in the supermarket asked if I did it for Purim. I liked it. It was just very shocking. Anyone who knows me knows I do love some shock value but it can make it a little difficult to dress up or down depending on the situation. Most of my situations can handle shocking but you never know.

I got my hair done again about two weeks ago and while I did renew my pink streaks I didn't overdo it. I'm not getting the side-eye in upscale establishments or Ridgewood (just kidding 'Wood-ers). It's actually just really subtle. So I get the street cred of having a little bit of edge as an almost 39 year old suburban mom but without looking like I'm an extra in Hot Tub Time Machine or on my way to a rave. Did I just date myself there- do people still go to raves? Are they called something else now? You early 90's high school grads know we're all thinking 90210 when Steve and Andrea tried to exchange the egg for info about the rave. Poor, tragic Emily Valentine....

Anyway. So my hair. It came out great. Now that Don and I are in a rhythm with what we're doing about the color, it's easily and quickly re-fab'd. Yeah, I just made that word up. Blond highlights mixed in with the pink ones. So as it fades I still have blond. But I have to say- the pink stayed in for the whole three months. It faded but it was totally still there. The blond actually needs more retouching at the end of the three months than the pink. Though, I have dark hair naturally, if memory serves, so both definitely need touching up because my roots get long.

Also- the one HUGE benefit of this Elumen brand vs whatever came before it is that it doesn't come out in a mess all over my bathtub. Between my appointments with the old stuff, color would wash out in every washing. With this stuff, it didn't come out even in the first washing. It really sticks. The old color didn't stick to the tub or anything but A LOT of color came out and when it was blue, I had to wash around the rest of my hair so my blond parts wouldn't turn green. It was a major inconvenience. I never felt like all my hair was clean. Now, it's not a concern. Not just because it's pink vs blue but because I'm not dealing with the color bleeding.

As usual it was a pleasure to be in the salon. I got to meet Chocko- the newest Min Pin/Chihuahua edition to the Salon Azano family. He crawled all over me. He enjoys sitting on your neck as your hair is being washed. I thought it was funny. And most people know I'm not so into pets. But Gidget, Otto, and now Chocko are like family to everyone who comes in. Don did my hair from beginning to end and I was probably out in less than 2 hours because Don is a time keeping rockstar.

Check out Salon Azano- www.azano.net and get pink'd or blue'd or whatever. Take risk. Live on the edge.

Chocko in my face.

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