Monday, March 11, 2013

Idol Top Ten

I know, I know. I'm late. But I can't watch Idol all in one lump. B refuses to watch this season and that's fine because I'm watching on the treadmill. But I can only watch in 30-45 min increments. I finally got to the elimination show from Thursday and I was pretty right on. America was given the ability to vote and they did. No fashion show for the voters. Apparently, that kind of thing only matters to the judges. Thank goodness.

There were a few surprises and I will say, I was sad to see some people not make it. I missed the end of the elimination. It cut off right when Kree was singing. I don't know if they said there would or wouldn't be a wildcard or not. Aubrey should totally be a wildcard. I was surprised she didn't get in because she is a good singer and she's SO pretty. She also has a really humble attitude and looks like a pop star. She's likable. From the way the judges were talking and the kind of pop princess Idol likes to groom. Plus, she is one of the few that is CURRENT. She sang something recently on the radio. Fergie? Whatever. It wasn't Gloria Estefan or Celine so she was fine for me.

I was surprised about Elijah because they LOVED him and usually America seems to go with the judges. At least at this point in the competition. But I'm pretty sure they didn't feature him in the auditions, definitely not as much as the rest of the group. The way they edit the audition shows is really unfair. It ends up coming down to people to "root" for. I love Lazaro and was crying on the treadmill when he walked out from behind the doors, but his story is a big reason why he's there. Overcoming adversity is the cornerstone of the Idol audtions. I don't even remember Elijah from those shows.

Breanna pretty much had it in the bag until her last performance. Truthfully I didn't think it was as bad as some of the judges thought. I was really surprised at the critique. I don't care that she didn't make it though- there was just something I didn't like about her. I can't put my finger on it. Plus, whole her story of  was sad. Her family home was destroyed. But it wasn't so much a "home" as it was a giant mansion. So while I felt bad for her, it wasn't as sympathetic as other stories. Hey, sorry, when you're talking Idol and sob stories, you get to tragedy compare. We've seen terminal illness cases, homeless people, bullied kids, life threatening freak accidents, dead parents, and now severe stuttering to the point of having to be homeschooled. It's a lot. Her story just wasn't as compelling and she didn't seem that connected to the audience. She didn't have a sweetness about her like in Aubrey's face.

I thought Vincent would've gotten in but I knew when Curtis did, that pretty much meant Vincent would be out. Personally I'd rather see Vincent than Curtis but whatever. I don't really want to see either. Vincent just seemed more genuine. Curtis seems like he'd step over a dead body to be the next American Idol. I get needing to have ambition, drive, and confidence, but from Group day in the auditions, he was really only looking out for #1. I like the ones that really seem like part of the group and care about the fellow contestants. Vincent also seems more versatile. He could sing pop if they gave it to them. I have a feeling we're going to be hearing a lot of Luther from Curtis.

If I had to pick two wildcards- a guy and a girl, I'd have to go with Aubrey and Cortez. Cortez because I feel like if they let him, he could be current. He's singing stuff from people who aren't dead. He makes stuff his own. AND he's cute. In fact, Aubrey and he would make a gorgeous couple, although that's neither here nor there. Vincent deserves it though because he's so good, I just dread hearing his kind of music.

Sadly, my misfits are totally out. We had to say good-bye to Charlie Askew and Zoanette. I would've loved to see what they'd do as the competition went on. Zoanette is just a firecracker that always gives the unexpected. That's the only fun part of Idol when you have to listen to covers of Luther, Whitney and Aretha all night long. So I'm sad to see them go. I will hold out for an Idol: Misfit Edition where they bring back Charlie, Zoanette, JDA, Papa Peaches, Kezban, and the rest of the Wackpack. THAT would be great tv.

I have a strong feeling I'm going to be doing a lot of fast forwarding this season. The only person who has the ability to do something really different is Angie Miller. So right here, right now, I'm picking Angie to win the whole thing. She's IN IT TO WIN IT, DAWG!

You'd think the show was really good for me to need three installments for my review....

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