Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Project GLAM

From Amy Heller, Founder & President at WGirls-Inc:

We need 1000 additional dresses, 1000 pieces of makeup, and 1000 pieces of costume jewelery to meet the demand for the WGIRLS Prom Dress Giveaway this year. Whose with me on this? Do you work for a company that has overstock or any of these items? The company gets great PR, a big tax write off, and MOST IMPORTANTLY the AMAZING feeling of knowing they helped to make dreams come true for hundreded of girls in need ! Please reach out to me in a private message if YOU or your employer can help in any way. Thank you!!!!!

Project GLAM: Prom Dresses for Disadvantaged Girls in Need

Have a Dress to Donate?
Donations are accepted via mail throughout the year:
Please address all packages to the attention of : The WGIRLS
SDS Global Logistics, Inc. • 52-09 31st Place • Long Island City, NY • 11101

The WGIRLS created Project "GLaM" to provide underprivileged girls with prom dresses and accompanying accessories so that they are able to enjoy the rite of passage of their high school prom.
WGIRLS chapters spend months collecting donations of new and gently-worn dresses and accessories, culminating in distributions to pre-screened high school students at boutique-style events in conjunction with local non-profits or Project GlaM events hosted by WGIRLS chapters across the country.
Project "GLaM" stands for Granting Lasting Memories, and WGIRLS achieves that for thousands of economically disadvantage high school aged women throughout the country by providing what they need to have a successful and glamorous evening with their classmates.
“For many teen girls, a harsh reality of high school hits home when the expense of prom comes up,” said Amy Heller, President and Founder of WGIRLS Inc.. “Our Prom Squad’ will help create lasting memories for thousands of area girls who would not otherwise be able to attend this important and magical event.”’

WGIRLS chapters nation-wide accept donations of new and gently-worn dresses and accessories, and new cosmetics to allow young women to experience this important evening. To give your dress and/or accessories a “Second Dance,” or to join the WGIRLS Prom Squad and throw a drive of your own, please contact projectglam@wgirls.org for collection information.

Project Glam was featured by Oprah.com

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  1. Thank you Tara!!!!! You are so committed to helping us. We really appreciate the support and love!