Saturday, February 2, 2013

Kid Party Entertainment

Kid parties aren't what they used to be. I had a summer birthday so most of my parties were in my backyard with pizza and the pool. We didn't have these play places where they pretty much do the whole party from start to finish. But that's what people do now because of many reasons. You have to invite the whole class, people don't want kids all over their house, they don't have a house big enough, or they just don't want to set up and clean up. Most homes are two-parent working outside the home and parties of any kind, especially kids, is a lot of work.

Ages two years on up are all pretty easy to plan in one of these kid places. But that 1st birthday is a real challenge. They're too young to do much so you can't do a gym or climbing party. Especially if your kid is an early birthday like January- most of the kids aren't even one yet. So the only thing to really do is have it in your house or rent a room like a VFW or Knights of Columbus, or a restaurant. But then how do you keep these new crawlers and walkers from decimating a place, crying from boredom or just to give parents a little break from chasing after them to enjoy adult interaction?

I found something. I've personally met Michael from Preschool of Rock and I've seen him in action at the Hoboken Arts & Music Festival. Tons of energy, cool instruments, and totally worth checking out. Prices are below. But just FYI- if you think that sounds like a lot- it's actually LESS expensive than other musical entertainment I've investigated. If cost is a concern- this is definitely a competitive price.

Preschool of Rock- Parties:

Bring Preschool of Rock to your next special event.
Create an unforgettable, playful and imaginative musical adventure for your family and guests. We pride ourselves in providing the most original and engaging party entertainment.
We make every effort to ensure our events are absolutely seamless. Our performance is hip, fully interactive and intelligent, with a level of humor and candor that spans all ages.
· Performed live on Guitar and Drums
· Interesting instruments and props.
· Fast paced transitions with upbeat & interactive music.
· Singing, dramatic play, big movement & dancing.
· Instrument discovery jam session.
· 45 minutes of captivating energy and action.
· Drum Circles
Party includes: Sound system, Shakers, Scarves, Drums & Sticks
(Example of props: bowls and spoons for the pancake song)


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