Friday, January 25, 2013

Summer Camp Fair

SO many people have asked me what E's doing for the summer. It is like ten degrees out and the buzz is all about camp and what to do with the kids. Most of us don't have the luxury of just being leisurely over the summer break from school and when you're a parent, I don't know if the word "leisurely" exists until they're tweens or older and can entertain themselves. Yes, there is fun to be had in unstructured time but I know my kid in particular is super active AND thrives on structure. Not that it matters- I work. He has to go somewhere. So he is going to day camp and bet your ass I was figuring that out in September/October because there are more asses than seats in terms of camp. Last year, the GRJC camp was sold out in a day? Two days? I think the Rabbi's kids got shut out.

Where there used to be camps in Bergen County, now are housing developments and golf courses. But kid-activity places are also getting creative and figuring out how to capitalize on the amount of kids that need something structured and positive to do for the summer. There are some interesting options out there. Besides going to camp, I remember just getting up, getting on my bike and being gone for hours. People don't allow their kids to just roam around playing manhunt these days.

Thankfully Shops at Riverside is making the camp search a bit easier. I saw this on FB just a few minutes ago:

What are your kids doing this Summer!? Join us tomorrow at the Shops at Riverside from noon - 3pm and meet Camp Directors from Maine to Costa Rica!

Get door prizes, FREE giveaways from camps,
FREE Snacks, FREE DVDs of camps, FREE brochures, and
Jobs available!! Bring the Family!!

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