Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!

So it's 2013. I don't know how that happened. I think I may be stuck somewhere around 2010. Time just seems to fly by before I can even catch my breath. I think because Christmas and New Years were during the week it made it seem shorter. E was home but I went to work so B could be home with him for a few days. B needed the time away from the store and I like being there.

We had made plans for New Years with the Nissenbaums. I was hoping Jocelyn would feel up to it because I just wanted to be able to toast to having a better 2013 than 2012. Not that 2012 could've been much worse for them but I just wanted to be able to hang out, have some laughs, let the boys play and have a low-key night in. It was actually the first year B and I left the house on NYE since we met in 2004. We're hoping the change of how we normally do things would be the start of positive change for the new year ahead.

At around 5:30p we headed out to the Nissenbaum's house armed with many party snacks like pigs in blankets and mini tartlets. The boys were thrilled to be together to ring in the new year and we were happy to be with our friends Jocelyn & Eric. We made it till about 9:30p when the boys started to get wild. I was also fine with driving home BEFORE the change of year, thinking less drunk people would be on the road vs after midnight. Not that any of us parents would've made it till then anyway. When we got home we all got in our bed(s). B was sleeping in minutes. He woke up around 12:02am. He said, "I made it!" then immediately started snoring again. I was up late as usual online but not having had one drink- either of us, it was SO nice to wake up sans hangover in the morning.

That was it. It was simple but awesome, low-key NYE, spent with good friends. We wish them all the love, health and general best in 2013 and hope that was the first of many years spent together for a special occasion.

I don't miss drunken foolish NYE's at all. Truth be told, I never liked NYE. It was always a last minute attempt to find something cool to do. It almost never lived up to my wants or expectations. I'd gotten grounded New Years Day when I was a teenager for things that happened the night before. I've ended up at boring parties with people I didn't know. I've paid too much money to stand in a bar with people I didn't know or didn't like. I've thrown up from too much drink, I've had splitting headaches from too much sweet drink (Malibu & Asti Spumanti respectively). Even though I used to get to sleep later before I was married and had a child, I'll take 8am sober over 10a nauseous and hugging the bowl in Heller's apartment. Or my apartment. Or in some random apartment. I do have fond memories of the theme parties B and I had over the years but I also was happy not to have to deal with the clean-up from those gems. I will give a shout out to Picken, Stein and the Yearings who are some of the best people we've had the pleasure of spending NYE with.

I hope everyone had a happy, fun, and safe NYE and hope this is a great year, with good health, lots of laughs, and prosperity for all!

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