Friday, May 18, 2012

TV stuff

It's renew/cancel time and of course I'm out a few shows. Always disappointing, especially when I just don't get it.

Someone tell me WHY Missing didn't have more viewers. It was the most suspenseful show ever. It kept me so riveted, I didn't even go online during it. That NEVER happens. Maybe it was too expensive having Ashley Judd? The location shoots too much $$? People are too stupid to snap their minds back from reality tv to actually have to pay attention? I don't know. But I'm mourning the loss. B did say that the ending WAS satisfying and at least the main story that was the whole season was ultimately solved. But WHAT ABOUT Gian-Carlo??? I LOVED him. Anyway- hopefully some other show will pick him up because he was the break-out star for me. Missing- no, now just DEAD...

GCB- Okay, I sort of get it. It was campy. REALLY campy. More so than Desperate Housewives. But you have to give a new series a chance. It was really growing on me. It was good for treadmill time. Non-reality, definitely fantasy, and fluffy. I was loving Annie Potts, Cricket's hot gay husband, and I didn't even mind the religion thrown in. I'm not a huge Kristin Chenowith fan- I know, I know. Just not my cup of tea. But she was fine enough. Good for that role. I'm not mourning it like Missing, or Lie To Me (STILL!) but I was enjoying it. They could've given it a second season at least.

Best Friends Forever- "What? Who?"- I know that's what you're saying. But I liked it. I can't tell you what network it was on, time, or who was in it (unless I go back to the cancelled link), but I liked it. Again, good for the treadmill.

That was really it for cancelled things I was watching. I always wanted to watch, Who do you think you are?, but I never got to it. Hope I can catch it on demand some day.

What's left? The B in Apt 23. Loving James Van Der Beek as a douchey version of himself. LOVE. And the girls are fun too.

Scandal- it got creepy and weird with the scissors stabbing of Loker (oops, I mean Gideon. But he'll always be Lie To Me's Loker to me). And Huck?! But I'll take it over corny Bachelorette Emily or Z-list DWTS.

Revenge- We love it. Dead-eyed Emily and funky Nolan keep us coming back every week. I knew it had to be renewed though. It's one of the few ABC dramas people were watching I guess.

Parenthood- how this is always on the bubble I will never understand. Superb cast and acting, relevant stories, tear inducing...Easily one of our favorites.

Stuff on now and coming this summer:

AGT- I'm LOVING Howard Stern. Granted I'm geeky Super Fan listener of 25 years but whatever. The show was getting tired and I already am not fond of Piers Morgan. Getting to see Howard on there is like a dream come true. I don't care if I don't like any of the acts so far.

Girls- HBO was due for something interesting since Entourage ended. Still pissed about How To Make It In America not coming back but I'll take Girls. It's cringe-worthy but can't look away good stuff.

The Big C- B won't watch it- he's not watching a show about cancer he says. But I watch it and it's fab. If for nothing else, Ababu/Andrea cracks me up. And Sean, the crazy brother is awesome.

I haven't seen any promos for anything else that really struck me. I'm going to have to look up what's coming because B is pretty much over reality. We're still watching the Housewives of NJ and will probably watch NYC but he dumped OC so I have to watch myself. I've got all the OC housewives on DVR for the treadmill but have some other stuff that takes priority before I get to those ladies.

Definitely waiting on Bachelor Pad though. That is the one reality show that I can describe as "gripping tv". As long as Gia doesn't get a three-peat. I can't take the crying.

OH, and General Hospital got another year! It WILL stay on for a 50th anniversary. Whew.

That's all folks. Check out the link for more renewals/cancellations-

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