Friday, May 25, 2012

Summer's coming- SWIM!

I grew up in New Milford (NJ). I don't often go there for anything but it was brought to my attention yesterday that the swim club is looking for new members. I guess for whatever reason, membership has been declining- I'm not sure people even know it exists. I remember when I was a kid, there was a WAITING LIST to get in there. Now, they've opened it up to other towns to join and they're having an open house this weekend! It's a pretty big club- two regular size pools and one kiddie pool. There's a picnicking area, volleyball, etc. It was always a really nice place to spend the summer. I was told that if they don't get enough members they may plan to close within the next two years. It would shame if that happened because I highly doubt there are an abundance of personal pools in town. So, I thought I'd spread the word-

Also, these are the last two days of the New Milford Elks Carnival. It's behind the borough hall on River Rd, across from the Little League field. It's been a staple in town since I was a kid. I remember walking there with my friend Ann Marie in middle school! They have new food, new entertainment, and you can get a one price wristband for rides on Saturday night. They have a FB page for more information!

Have fun!

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