Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Back in the Saddle

I haven't been blogging a lot lately because I've been getting re-acclimated to being back at work. It is only part-time but it's three days and after not working regularly since E was born, it's been a bit of an adjustment. I always had a lot of laundry, but now it just seems there's MORE. I guess it's because I'm wearing clothes other than my VS Boyfriend sweatpants. Granted, I'm also immersed in Mob Wives, Revenge, Parenthood, Jersey Shore, Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice and One Tree Hill, but who's counting. By the time I get around to wanting to blog, it's time to go up to the bedroom where my husband has deemed it the No Laptop Zone. I shake the bed with my fingers flying over the keyboard. He has to draw the line somewhere. I get it.

I'm happy to be back at work. I love what I do. I'm in our Norwood store now and I have to say, the customers who have come in have been awesome. I don't get a lot of people like we do in Glen Rock. Glen Rock is more of a walk-around downtown. So, B gets a lot of foot traffic there and people just stopping in to browse or ask questions. In Norwood, it's more of a destination. It's on Livingston Street which also turns into Rt 303 so it's considered more of a highway. There is no sidewalk and no one is just really walking up and down the street. But, the people who do come in love everything, seem to totally get what we do, and don't give me a hard time about ANYTHING. They're not looking for the cheapest shade, they're looking for the shade to complete the look their lamp is meant to have. I think all but maybe four people who have come in have bought something, even if it was just finials.

E had to be put in school for a longer day since I'm at work now until the later afternoon. I was interested in how he'd transition since he's used to his schedule at home. He takes a daily nap and it's in his pajamas, with his three white noise machines, in the dark, in his crib, like it's bedtime. Well, apparently the first week, he slept all three days for around an hour and a half in a sleeping bag, wherever they do their napping. I was shocked, but thrilled. He hasn't slept there that consistently since, but it's fine. The days he doesn't nap he's asking to go to sleep by 7:45p. I'll take it.

As far as the store itself, it's been a little quieter than I'd like. We advertise in the Bergen Record and sometimes in the weeklies, but it's definitely a learning curve trying to figure out how to get as big a following in Norwood as we have in Glen Rock. I have some ideas we're throwing around so hopefully something will stick.

But, now you know we're here if you didn't- www.shadesofsoho.com and if you're thinking about new lampshades, chandeliers, or just want to say hello please do!!! Oh, but if you are looking for a shade, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE bring your lamp IN with you! Remember- Trying to buy a lampshade without your lamp is like trying to buy a hat without your head...

We're only open Mon-Wed-Fri from 10a-4p right now because I can only work part-time. But I look forward to making those hours power-packed with happy customers!

Shades of Soho
459 Livingston St
Norwood NJ

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