Monday, February 4, 2019

Much Ado About Nothing

I know it's going to be surprising that I'm addressing anything sporting related, but I do feel the need. No, I didn't actually WATCH the Superbowl. It was on around me, but my back was to the TV most of the time. Not in protest, or anything, but just because I don't care. At all. I only knew who was playing because I'm just so tired of hearing the name Tom Brady. Enough with that guy already. I just sat at my friend's kitchen island stuffing my face with Bon Chon wings and pigs in a blanket.

I don't ever even watch the Halftime Show either. Even though I like the acts, usually, because they're pop stars, I just don't need to see it. I can hear these people on the radio when I'm not listening to Howard Stern. I did watch Lady Gaga, because I wanted to see what she was going to do in the political climate of when she was performing. I also was going to watch Adam Levine this year for a few reasons. One, because he's pleasing to the eye. Two. because I wanted to see what he was going to do in light of all the controversy surrounding Maroon 5 accepting the invite to play. Honestly, I was mostly curious if Christina Aguilera was going to come out on a song. She was asked by Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live if she would be a surprise guest and she played coy.

I watched. Adam seemed a little nervous at first. He didn't sound great, but I don't think most sound great live and it was apparent he wasn't lip syncing so he got credit from me there.

Today, on social media, you'd think he just stood there quietly and read a book. It's just been endless mocking, hating, and trash talk. On the TV talk shows- same thing. I even heard a guy on the phone in Starbucks this morning talking to someone about how it was the most boring Halftime Show ever to happen. The joke is- we're all talking about it, but they actually got to DO it. If Adam has a bucket list and this was on, he got to make a check mark.

Adam Levine/Maroon 5's performance was doomed before it even happened. So many musicians wouldn't touch the invite with a ten foot pole because they didn't want the controversy. People think Adam should've boycotted in solidarity over Colin Kaepernick. Other people felt like Maroon 5 isn't "big" or exciting enough. Meanwhile, I bet most people knew every song he sang. No matter what he did though, he was going to get clobbered by the masses. Not to mention how easy it is to do online.

Someone was going to play music. It's foolish to believe that if Adam said no, that there would've been no show. Three Doors Down played Trump's inauguration. If all else failed, they could've been called. SOMEONE would play.

I think where Adam went wrong was alluding to the idea that he was planning some socially conscious move that would be meaningful to those waiting for that. I'm not sure what or where that message was, if there was one, but clearly then, whatever was done wasn't impactful at all.

Other than that- HE DID WHAT HE WAS HIRED TO DO. He's a pop star they hired to play music. He's not very political that I've heard. He's on Howard Stern a decent amount, and I don't think politics ever has come up with him. He talks about music, Jonah Hill, his wife, his kids, etc. He's safe. I guess that's his biggest crime. And his wardrobe is terrible. Anyone who watches The Voice already knew that.

I don't know what people were expecting honestly. He showed some titty, which got Janet Jackson in trouble, so there was that. I can't say I was upset he took his shirt off. It got me to turn around and watch the television. He LOOKS great. There's many a good reason he was voted Sexiest Man Alive.

I don't know Adam Levine. I don't really care about Adam Levine. Seems like he lives a nice life, he makes catchy pop tunes, and I'm sure it has to be a dream of most musicians to be asked to play the Superbowl and then to actually do it. What would saying no actually do? I'm someone who is all about activism and walking the walk but seriously- I think saying no actually would've been the "safe" thing to do. Adam saying no also would've been forgotten in a hot minute. It wouldn't have done anything.

They didn't ask a Bruce Springsteen or a Beyonce to play this year. If either of them had played a "safe" show, then I can see how people might be disappointed. They're clearly more political musicians, happy to make a statement. To assume Adam Levine was going to do more, politically, is just that- an assumption and a stretch, when he's never said or done anything to show that he's some kind of activist.

Maybe he should be an activist. Or he should've pretended to be one and just declined. Since, everyone's a critic and people make it a sport just to hate on whoever is playing/played. Playing the Superbowl doesn't make him an activist or not. It means nothing. I'm sure there have to be people who are happy he didn't do anything political. The same way I saw all the relieved social media comments about Lady Gaga when she didn't go political when she played the Superbowl. Adam Levine wasn't going to win either way. Apparently, like the Rams (I asked B who won).

Lookin' good!

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