Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Lonely Boy

B put this on our Shades of Soho Facebook page so I'm copying & pasting it here below:

I wanted to give a shout out to another small business owner Corey at Cocoon Recording Studio. I met Corey thorough FB marketplace. I was purchasing a turntable for E from him. In the short conversation we had, he mentioned he had just opened a recording studio in Jersey City.  

I told him my nine year old son was into writing and performing his own music. He said that I should bring E there one day so he can show him around, since he is so into music. Nine months later, out of the blue, I messaged Corey that E had off from school for the holiday break and asked if the offer still stood. 

Without hesitation, Corey made time for us in his busy schedule. Corey really went over and beyond giving our son an incredible experience in the three hours they spent together. I never expected Corey to do all this, for no charge, no less, as I thought we were just going for a tour. I was taking some video with my phone just for fun when I realized this might make a fun music video. I didn't even capture all the fun that both my son and Corey seemed to have. I can't thank and recommend Corey enough to anyone looking for an intimate recording studio with a great all around caring guy. Hope you enjoy their work together!

E wrote all the lyrics and music to this song. When he first played the song for B, B got all emotional. B came to me and said something like- "He's a deep kid. Did you HEAR the lyrics? It's about a kid with no friends, who finally finds a friend, the friend gets cancer and dies! I don't know if we should be nervous?"  I'm just looking at him, apparently expressionless. He said, "What? You have no feelings? This doesn't make you emotional?" 

I then explained that E got this idea from Oscar Nero's story on General Hospital. E has been watching GH with me since in the womb. At some points, some stories, he's more invested than others. Oscar is a teenager and he tends to like the teen stories and he just likes the character. That story had been in it's infancy when he wrote the lyrics and he was quite captivated.

Ultimately, to any of you, it can mean anything you want it to mean. But, alas, no worries that E is feeling isolated or depressed himself, as one might question or interpret.  Enjoy!

Also, Ethan did his first commercial this past September for Barkbox. I'm putting it in here if you want to see. You have to watch for him til the way end. But he's there! 

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