Thursday, June 29, 2017

Start of Summer Days

I don't want to fall off the earth, so I'm going to throw you a short one just mentioning what I've been up to these days!

Summer is wind-down time for many but for me, it's just ramping up. School ends, which of course was a lot of chaos, but then that went right into camp. While I don't like a lot of idle time between camp and school, I literally had one free weekday. AND IT RAINED. I have to hand it to my friend Alex though- she rallied with me and we spent a LONG day, at the pool, in the....mist. It was actually fine because it was warm and humid for most of the day and we needed that rain for a cool off. The pool staff let the kids swim because there was no lightning or thunder so it was fine.

We also had the town Fun Fair, which everyone knows is my favorite four days of the year. We didn't go one of the days though because the weather wasn't promising and I wasn't spending $25 on a wristband for the rain to come down and send us home. We stayed late the three nights we were there and E was thrilled.

E also had what seemed like a lot of auditions, all crammed into like ten days. I was in the city more in those last few days of school than I had been in months. We randomly ran into Todd one of the audition days, the owner of Actor's Technique NY on the street, nowhere near his acting school. E hasn't been there for class in awhile because we have no time, so it was nice to catch up for a minute.

There was also E's Dancetc (Fair Lawn) hip hop dance recital thrown in there too at some point. It was a whirlwind making sure he got from NYC to his last dance class before the big day. But we made it! Recital was great- the kids worked really hard and it showed.

B and I got to go out one night too- sans kid. Don, my friend & hairdresser, gave us the recommendation to try Fin, a restaurant in Montclair. Apparently there are four restaurants in the same small area there, owned by the same people, but all different kinds of places/food. Fin is seafood.

First- the area is super cool. Parking can be a bit of a pain, but oddly, without knowing Don's address, we ended up parking right in front of his house! It was a short walk to the restaurant. I'd made a reservation- you have to or you're not getting in. Just like anywhere in Bergen after like six-thirty in the evening. I heard a couple ask for a table and they were nicely turned away because there was nothing available.

Second- It's a cool looking place- as is The Crosby next door, one of their other places. The front is totally open on both so it's a really nice atmosphere without actually being outside.

I ordered the fried calamari and a special with scallops and risotto. The calamari was a little soggy but I think that's totally because of how it was served. If it was served differently, it wouldn't have been. They put it in one of those paper things in a holder. Like other places do with fries.

My scallop special though- was amazing. It was so, so good. I don't remember what B had but he loved his too and I have a picture of it. Totally worth it. It's a little on the pricey side- I'd say it's on par with Legal Seafoods, but you don't want a cheap fish place either. So it wasn't unexpected. It's just not somewhere you can frequent if you're on a budget. I would try their other restaurants though after eating here. They do seem to care about quality cuisine.

Montclair isn't far from us. I don't know why we don't go there more often. I guess we just don't think about it. After dinner we went walking around and just took it all in. There was live music going on, a lot of bakeries and other kinds of shops. We've been to Montclair before, but just not in a long time and not without E, I don't think.

I can't believe it's almost July already. I've been wearing sunscreen, and I'm not tan, so it doesn't really FEEL like summer...not to mention the weather has been all over the place. But I'll take it over winter any day. Happy 4th weekend! Have fun and be safe!


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