Thursday, May 4, 2017

The Magic of YouTube

I know I'm late to the game but I just need to talk about YouTube for a minute. I knew you could get all kinds of tutorials from there. I have this weird thing though- I don't ever have the sound on my laptop or phone. I live in chaos. No, I thrive in chaos and noise. I could nap through my son's entire hour long guitar lesson. Electric guitar. In the next room with the door open. I have to really NEED to hear something to put the sound on either device.

We needed a new toilet seat for years. It's just not something you think about or remember. It's not like Home Depot is ever on my list. How do you choose a toilet seat anyway? I did go to Home Depot AND Lowes and was struck by all my toilet seat choices. They have one with a nightlight. Like we all haven't peed in the dark just fine until they came up with that one.

I don't wait for B to do things like change toilet seats. I had him put the flag up on Monday because when it comes to putting holes in the house, that's his forte. I don't have or know the tools needed for that. Nor do I want to hear it about making holes. It was also way too involved for me at dusk. The toilet seat didn't seem like it could be too difficult. YET, IT WAS.

Where the thingies are supposed to come out, in the back, that hold the seat on, were not coming off. I had no instructions on how to get this ten year old thing off, only how to get the new one on. The only thing I could think to do was try YouTube. And I'll be damned, there was a guy going through how to change this particular seat. Of COURSE, the guy said that this particular brand made ridiculously difficult to get off thingies, when every other brand in existence is simple. It turned out I did actually need B, and his tools. I wouldn't have known if I didn't watch on YouTube.

A few months later, I went to use the blender to make my meatloaf. Why I need the blender to make meatloaf is another story. When I turned it on, it was making a louder than normal sound. I took the glass part off and the coupler that moves the blade was completely destroyed. Someone mistakenly put the pieces back together in the wrong order and dead coupler. Well, I went on eBay, was able to get a coupler for my eleven year old blender for $7.99 with a tool that's supposed to help get the old one off. When I came in the mail, there were no directions and it wasn't something I could figure out on my own. I went to YouTube. It didn't work as easily as the guy on the video made it seem. Watching the video at least gave the pointers of how to get the thing off.

Tonight, we needed to cut the cat's nails. I had taken her to the vet to have it done once, but that is a giant pain. It's not easy to get her in the carrier. Then they do it, then I have to pay like thirteen dollars for it. I just thought we could do it ourselves. We tried twice. It wasn't easy- Kitty-High-Five squirms and doesn't like it. *understatement of the year* The last time, we got all but one nail and B gave up. This time, we started but she freaked and I only got two. B decided to check YouTube. We watched someone roll their cat in a towel and it looked so easy. So, we rolled Kitty in a towel and it WORKED. She just went limp. Like it was no BFD. *what the hell* I clipped, it took like thirty seconds and it was done.

YouTube saved the day. No more clickity-clacking on the floor, or who knows whatever she secretly messes up in between clippings.

You won't catch me getting make-up tips from teen influensters or anything (Sorry Christine, not happening), but you should know that you can find just about anything you need to know how to do on there. In case you're also late to the party.

Here's the cat video if, you too, need to cut your cat's nails and are afraid.

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