Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Cool Sculpting Update: Almost 4 Weeks After

Update on my Cool Sculpting:

I got it done on January 24th. It's been almost four weeks. I'm still wearing the compression garment. I'd say that by today, I have ninety-nine point five percent feeling back in my stomach area. It's still a HAIR numb but not painful or anything. Just a slight numbness. Yes, I was told it could be numb this long, but when it's your body, it feels like a really long time.

The million dollar question that everyone really only cares about is- Did it work? Yes. YES. I believe it has worked. *I* definitely see a difference. And you're not really supposed to see the full results for one to three months I think. They're going to take the "after" photos for BC Magazine the second week of March so it'll be in the middle of that "recovery time period" but I'm okay with that. I'm not a water retainer or whatever, so I think for me, whatever results I'm going to get, it's going to be on the sooner end, rather than later.

I can tell when I sit, if I'd bend forward, I'd have a big roll of fat. Always though- even when I was a teenager. Now that I had a kid, it was a baby pooch. It wasn't like a kangaroo pouch but just a roll. And a muffin top. I never really had back fat, like women have around their bra, but I'd always had what I call a butt muffin. Too much chub that could get pushed up by jeans. I never had those two dimples that most people have above their butt because it was like back then right to butt. If that makes sense. It's definitely flatter there now. It's hard to get a pic of it myself. I tried to have E take one but I'm not sure how well that came out. If you see me in person, ask me to pinch my fat for you and I'll show you.

I'm wearing the compression garment still because that's what I do. I get into a routine and then that's that. I think it's just one of those things that can only help. Weirdly enough, it seems to help my lower back pain from just getting old, not from any procedure I've done. It helps with that a little bit. I know they sometimes help your posture, so normally, I could see that being it, but my posture still kind of sucks. I like the garment though, so I'll keep wearing it until it's really inconvenient or hot. It's inconvenient because I only have two, and I wash one daily. The washing is a pain. The laundry never ends in my house though, so the daily washing just helps keep the laundry pile small.

My ending thoughts for now on cool sculpting. If you have the money to do it, and a decent pain tolerance, I would say that it worked for me. You want to make sure you trust who is doing it because you want to know that you really have the kind of fat, and kind of body it's going to work on. I don't know it would work great on someone with more of an apple shape that has a lot of fat. You also don't want someone to tell you that you could just do one piece or something when you really need four to be even.

I look at it more like tradition liposuction. It's not for weight loss. You lose as much as you can and then you use this or liposuction as the finish line- to get those spots that are never going to respond to diet and exercise. Even when I was doing stroller strides six days a week and probably in the best shape of my life post-baby, my belly still had a pooch. The way I stand too, in pictures, people have asked if I was pregnant. Thanks, girl-from-college-I-barely-knew for that one.

Now, I feel like my stomach is just flatter. It's still loose because I'm not doing crunches or anything specifically targeted to give me a six-pack or anything. But it's not sticking out like it did.

Would I do cool sculpting again? I really don't know. On one hand I feel like the cool sculpting worked, so if it worked, imagine how it could look if I did it in the same spot again (as is recommended by the cool sculpting company in their literature and what I've read online). But I am kind of a baby. So the jury is out on that one. My advice to others is to do it once, then you'll see how your body responds and where you fall on the recovery spectrum, from it not bothering you to being too much. It's a very personal thing. Right now, while it's no longer numb or itching, I can say to go for it. You only live once. If you have the means to freeze your fat off, you have to try!


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