Wednesday, May 11, 2016


I know most of us are obsessed with Q-tips and we're not all using them the way they're "supposed" to be used. I know we're all sticking them INSIDE our ears. So I don't want to hear any crap about the story I'm going to tell.

Yesterday, I went to clean my ears. But I did it dry. I never do that. I always do it after I've washed my hair, which you all have been told, doesn't happen every day. I do clean my ears though, every single time I wash my hair. Because my ears are exposed, water gets in them, and the Q-tip glides around nicely. Dry, it's a bit of a gamble because it could get stuck. Or not stuck, but the cotton sometimes comes apart a little.

I normally only use REAL Q-Tips. Like, the BRAND, Q-Tip. Or whatever brand they are, but called Q and Tip. I buy my toiletries most often at CVS. As of late, CVS is really focused on selling their own name stuff. I feel like they're hiding or getting rid of real branded stuff in favor of their. When Excedrin had a recall for like a year, I started getting CVS brand migraine pain reliever and I've stayed with the CVS brand years later. I actually prefer it. Not with Q-Tips. NEVER with those. With good reason. However, I couldn't FIND real Q-Tips in CVS- not this time and not the last time I was there. I know they're probably there somewhere, but they're hidden and I didn't feel like asking someone for them. Now I know better- As evidenced by what happened to me.

I went to clean my ears and the right ear was fine. I went to clean the left ear and that's when I just had a bad feeling. I didn't actually FEEL something weird, but I just knew to look at the Q-Tip. I looked, and of course, there was no cotton on the end. I didn't know if it was IN my ear, just popped off, or what. Whether there was something in my ear or not, it felt like there MIGHT be. I just couldn't be sure. This wasn't the first time I had done this but the last time there actually WAS cotton in my ear, it was over ten years ago. And the last time I thought there might be, I think I may have found the cotton on the floor. This time, it just felt different.

I told B about it later but he didn't seem too concerned. He just asked that I take care of it "on my own time". Except that I don't have any time this week. I'm booked with back to back stuff. Usually I'm just "busy". This week I'm monumentally busy. I knew I didn't have the time or money to go to the ER, especially if there was nothing in there. There's a vet down the street from my store that I could walk to who I really considered going to see. He has to have one of those ear lookers. But would they think I was crazy? Would they charge me? I don't even have a pet I could barter with- like, I couldn't even say- "Hey, I have a cat. I'll start bringing him here if you just look in my ear for cotton!"

I know doctors- my one neighbor is a podiatrist, my other neighbor is a pediatrician. But I felt weird about asking either of them. I actually didn't think of them until after I had a solution. It was much easier to put it out on Facebook! I have a lot of Facebook friends- I had to know SOMEONE who could help me. Or at least someone to psych me up to walk over to the vet.

I put it out on Facebook and almost immediately, after a bunch of people rallied for me to go to the vet, the most selfless person, Jennifer Miano, saw my post, asked me how long I would be at work and she'd come over to my store by 2p. What? She's not even really nearby. She has a chiropractic practice in Montvale, and I believe she lives over toward that way as well. That is not close to Glen Rock. But she said she was coming. So I waited.

By the way- I grew up with Jen. I haven't seen her in forever but she is the type of person who is always ready and willing to help so I wasn't surprised she offered to help. I didn't want her to have to drive to me but I also didn't want something lodged in my ear like Brokedown Palace either.

She came! With her ear looker. With her otoscope. Or faux otoscope that worked just as well. B took video.

Jennifer Miano, Miano Family Chiropractic- 

Go to her- you will love her.  Most people wanted me to go to the vet- just for the story. Like Kramer with Smuckers. However, this worked out much better. Not for the story, but for my ear.

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