Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Sleep Number Sucks

I've held off on writing anything about my current bed situation, hoping it would all get resolved.I hate to malign any company, big or small but here, I have no other choice. They did this. Or did nothing, depending on how you want to look at it. I've done everything I possibly could to just get what we're supposed to have, but it's been nothing but a horrendous challenge and the worst part is that the company doesn't even pretend to care. They supposedly "went dark" to change over their computer systems. This is their answer to why everything is a mess. However, that isn't the customers problem and if they didn't know how the computer switch was going to affect customers, they had no business selling beds until it was all figured out.

B and I decided we needed a new bed. It's been ten years and our bodies are no longer cooperating with sleep. Mostly because we wake up feeling pain every day. We don't know that it was the bed. We actually had a very highly rated mattress. We just thought we might need a change.

The first week of October we walked into the Sleep Number store in Garden State Plaza. Basically, the rest of this post is an outline of what we've dealt with thus far. Oh, it's been a treat.

 -We got a sales pitch from a new hire. The manager was overseeing everything. Then manager told us that we can get an even better deal for ordering the pillows, making it a "full bed purchase". We agreed because we originally went in there just for pillows. We went with the "P5", which meant very little to us. We tested it out in the store and it seemed fine for amount of money we had to spend.

Later that night, we received a call from an employee of Sleep Number but not the manager. She asked us if we were getting a "modular or adjustable base". We had no idea what she was talking about. No one talked to us about the bases. As far as we were told, it was either we want one that goes up and down or we don't. We didn't. The woman on the phone said we had to order a base then and it wasn't included in the price we paid. She wanted another $400-$500. No, no. I refused. I said I was given a price for a "full bed", that's what we agreed to and that's what we paid for. She said she'd speak to the manager.

-We went back into the store in the mall to speak to the manager two days later to make sure we were getting the base included. The store manager told US that WE had to call customer service, the one of us who has the "strongest personality" to get them to give us the base included with the price we paid. SHE SHOULD HAVE DONE THAT LEGWORK. It was HER MISTAKE. So I had to sit on hold forever and get that worked out. The customer service rep on the phone said we would get the base.

-We'd already made an appointment for delivery for October 15th. When customer service called, I asked if there was a base being delivered with the mattress. Of course they said no, that it was just the mattress. Customer service said that delivery had to be cancelled then because they only had a record of the mattress and they don't have a base for us. We cancelled. Then, they didn't communicate that to delivery because delivery called us the day they were supposed to deliver saying they had our bed. But they didn't- it was just the mattress, so we had to refuse delivery. But we had to take time out of our work day to deal with this and reschedule.

-I rescheduled. They couldn't come again for delivery until NOVEMBER 20th. That extended when we were supposed to get the bed another three weeks. That makes six weeks in total. Waiting for a bed. Working out scheduling.

- We were never told about the differences in the modular base. We weren't told that there were legs for it that are extra, and different sized legs at that. While I WAS ON HOLD for FORTY minutes, I was checking out the bed on their website while waiting. THAT, is where I saw the legs. When someone finally got on the phone, in my fit of rage, I told them legs better be included with this.The representative said he would include legs. But had I not seen them on the website, my bed would be ON THE FLOOR. Legless.

-I also only saw on the website we need brackets to secure the headboard. My head exploded when I saw that. WE ORDERED A WHOLE BED. I shouldn't have to order all this stuff separate for a bed that costs this much. Or at the very least, I SHOULD'VE BEEN TOLD brackets were separate. I told this to the guy on the phone and he said he'd send them out. Of course THEY AREN'T HERE. My headboard is currently zip-tied to the bed. It's been at least three weeks, three different reps that said they'd send them out, and they still aren't here.

-The bed came. The delivery guys were sure they were also PICKING UP A BED. A bed that didn't exist because something was not communicated that we never accepted the first mattress. They REEKED of cigarette smoke. The one guy also came in like a bull in a china shop and KNOCKED OUR CHANDELIER CLEAR OFF THE CEILING. No, my husband didn't have them take pics to file anything because he had to go back to work and as bad as they smelled, he didn't want them in the house. When you have people delivering BEDS, something people SLEEP ON, you don't allow your delivery men to STINK OF CIGARETTES. It's disgusting and so unprofessional. 

-The bed felt like an Aerobed. It was not good for us. We already took apart our old bed and moved our mattress to somewhere not easily accessible. I'm sure Sleep Number is aware that this is the case for most people. They keep the bed because it's too much trouble to give back. At first I thought we might upgrade to the next mattress. Then I saw the next mattress up was another THOUSAND DOLLARS. Yeah, no. So, I had to spend $175 on a memory foam mattress topper to make the P5 more comfortable. From a totally unrelated company. Sleep Number makes one of their own. But I wasn't paying $300-$400 for it though. So "Lucid" brand, it is. Until that came, I barely slept and woke up in massive pain. 

-I wrote an email detailing everything that's happened and sent it to Sleep Number on November 24. I finally got a phone call...YESTERDAY. On 12/7/15. Only to address my brackets that still aren't here. The rep said she'd call me at 4:30p to help me with the Sleep IQ. But I had to be near my bed because it's a Bluetooth thing. I made sure I was home, much to my six year old's annoyance because he couldn't stay after school to play. No phone call. I went about my business. 

-At 6:50p on December 7th, my phone rang and it's Sleep Number. I said I was supposed to get a call at 4:30, I was there, and no one called. The rep said he sees 5:30. No matter- It's NOW ALMOST 7p! I said I wasn't home and wouldn't be until 10p. He said they're closed at that time and someone could call me first thing in the morning. I said I can talk and be near the bed at 9:30a. I said I won't be holding my breath for the call though. He promised I would be the first call of the day. I rushed around this morning to be able to deal with the bed. It's now 2:22p, I'm at work, and I haven't heard a peep from Sleep Number.

So...I don't know whether to laugh, cry, scream, or what. I've written, called, tweeted, and emailed. All to no avail. Every time I speak to someone over there, all I hear is #SorryNotSorry. Because in NO way are they sorry enough. They should be doing SOMETHING for me. They could start by SENDING ME MY F'ING BRACKETS though. At this point, I'm just tweeting them how they suck to make myself feel better. Seeing as they're not really keen on doing anything to rectify all their mistakes, mishaps, and crappy customer service. I've done everything humanly possible to resolve my issues with them.

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  1. Tweeting them anything negative gets you blocked! They've treated us like ish as well and we still have no bed. I'm not alone. Looks like they are taking money to throw at orders they couldn't produce back in September like some sort of Ponzi scheme. Maybe Bernie Madoff is one of their principals. Lol.