Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Treat House

We were in the mall last Saturday night. Big surprise. We were on some kind of mission. Oh, to get a bed. That's another story- I'll get to that next week or so. We walked around the mall after dinner which is usually when I grab some jellybeans and/or something else as "dessert". However, I'd gotten jellybeans there the night before, so I didn't need more. I was jonesing for some French Macarons for some reason. They have that Woops cart in there with all the French Macarons I thought I'd be buying from. The Woops kiosk had been by the Lego store, but I had seen they'd moved it somewhere else in the mall a few months ago. Problem was, I couldn't remember where they moved. Garden State Plaza is big and I knew B didn't have infinite patience after working a full Saturday in our store. It was like trying to place Where's Waldo.

We walked toward Nordstrom and practically walked right into this new kiosk called Treat House. It's in the middle of the hallway in front of the Apple store. Well. I definitely could not resist. Treat House had like twelve different flavors of Rice Krispie Treats. I love Rice Krispie treats plain. Add all kinds of cool flavors and I'm IN. They're a little bit bigger than bite size too so you feel like you can try a few different ones without being a total oink.

I bought cookies n' cream, cinnamon, birthday cake, s'mores and then this chocolate chip cookie one that was like half soft cookie square over Rice Krispie treat. Clearly that last one was my favorite. I didn't even mind getting one for E because it was small, neat, and not overloading him with junk.

They also have chocolate pretzel, chocolate peanut butter, M&M, cotton candy and various others. I have a feeling they change flavors with the seasons- sort of like Baked By Melissa. I thought about buying them all but then thought better of it. I could just see myself all Meredith Baxter (Birney, back in the day) in an 80's Lifetime movie cramming Krispie treats in my mouth in the Jeep. That's just a bad scene. With or without the wood paneled station wagon. 

The guy working there, Anthony, was also very nice and helpful. I just wanted to add that in. So go check them out. I read their site and they sound like a nice company. They started in NYC as a kid bake sale and turned it into Treat House. All Treats are certified Kosher Dairy; and unless specified otherwise, are gluten-free, dairy-free, and nut-free

They ship gift boxes too which seems like it would make an awesome gift!

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