Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Do you know what Graze is? If not, you should. I can't even believe how much I love it.

It seemed kind of like another gimmick where you get stuck with a subscription service that you can't seem to get rid of. But instead, it's something you're waiting at the door for. No worries, it's not a pyramid scheme. I do get a credit toward my next box for referrals, but I'd be recommending them anyway. As anyone who reads my blog knows, I don't write about stuff I don't like. I don't even have advertising on here. I could, I've been approached and pushed to do so, but I won't. I'm just not ever going to be able to write something just because someone is paying. I just like to bring you all the best of the best that I find in my travels...

Anyhow, back to Graze. So, it's a subscription service for snacks. THE FIRST BOX (of four snacks) IS FREE. They're good little snacks that pack a lot of punch. They're on the healthier side, and lower caloric side. Most of them are low calorie. Some are around two hundred and forty- the "flapjacks", but they're so yummy, every now and again, I don't care.

You go on their site, and sign up. Then you "x" out anything you definitely don't want. I'm a sweets person, so I x'ed out a lot of the savory stuff. I left a few in for B in case I feel like sharing. The first box is free and comes with four snacks. It's up to them what comes in your box, but if you x out everything you really wouldn't like, you're going to get things you'd want to try.

My first box came with pretzel/chocolate dip, honey/chocolate flapjacks, a raspberry/coconut/chocolate thing, and something else. I really don't like yogurt, but I bought Greek yogurt to eat at work. Because in my box this week (2nd box) was "dark chocolate rocky road" yogurt topper so I thought I would try the topper with it. It's one hundred and thirty calories and it's dark chocolate granola, chocolate fudge & freeze dried cherries. Guess what- I only used half of it, so it was more sixty-five calories, added to my eighty calorie yogurt. Made the yogurt not just palatable, but GOOD. And I didn't feel like I needed the whole snack in there.

Last night, instead of candy, I ate the "stars & stripes" snack. It's mini black currant stars, raspberry fruit strings, and blueberry flavored cranberries. Also one hundred and thirty calories. Normally I'd eat triple that in jelly beans.

If you use my code, you get your first and fifth box free. You can get four or eight snacks, once a week or bi-weekly, or they have larger snack boxes available. They're great to throw in a kid's lunchbox for sure. Not too big, not too small. Just. Right. YUM.

A four snack box is $6.99
An eight snack box is $11.99
You can cancel after the free box. No obligations! CODE: TARAD2KNP or TARAD2KNB

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