Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Small Town Living

I just wrote a recent post on Facebook about Kilroy's Wonder Market- my town's little supermarket. I was pleasantly surprised to see them carrying quite a few of the obscure items that have me going to four or five supermarkets a week to get all my stuff. Now we can add really stellar customer service to their resume. Not that it wasn't stellar before. I just never needed it prior to yesterday.

I used to get these frozen fruit bars at this gym I went to in Bucks County, PA. Back in the late 90's. They were awesome. I moved back up to north jersey in 2000 though and never saw them again. There are a million other frozen fruit bars out there, especially now, but none were the same as my beloved Fruitfull. I remember over the years trying to find them locally, but the closest I could find was in NYC. I love these bars but I'm not driving to the city for ices. Pre-E, sure. Post child, no. So, I'd looked for them on and off and every now and again, if I saw frozen fruit bars, I'd take a peek, to no avail.

Imagine my excitement when I saw a fully stocked freezer of them at Kilroy's! I did a double take. My favorite flavor is really the Raspberry Cream. They didn't have that but they have Strawberry Cream. I took it. It's close enough. But then I thought I had seen on my FB post that Kilroy's would order stuff they don't have. I was kind of embarrassed to ask because that seems weird to have to have a certain flavor ice pop. For an adult. I was in there yesterday, saw an employee that was alone in an aisle (so I didn't feel stupid asking), and I asked. He took me directly to Steve the manager who came out to talk to me. I asked him about getting another flavor and expected him to tell me that next time he orders, he'd find out. Instead, he called his Fruitfull rep right then and asked for it to be delivered the next day. I was floored. Why? Because this is really a #FirstWorldProblem if I ever had one and I just didn't expect instant gratification. He didn't even insist I take the whole case. He asked me how many out of the case I wanted and said he'd put them aside for me. Then he took my number and told me he'd text me when they came in. Talk about amazing customer service, right??

I complimented him on how great the store has been lately on carrying a variety of hard to find items - at least hard to find, for ME. And really, that's all that matters. He said to look forward to more stuff being added. I really appreciate that for a small space, smaller than a big name chain market, they really are utilizing their space to have as much as they can. All while having a full alcohol section as well. I don't drink but it's nice to know if I had to pick something up there for a party or a gift, I could, whilst also grabbing my pre-cut fruit. Did I mention that their produce is almost always top-notch? (I say *almost* because every market has their off-produce days). I won't get watermelon anywhere else because it's usually gross. I've been burned on various watermelons elsewhere. Theirs is usually terrific.

Just FYI- In addition to Fruitfull, they carry Vitamia raviolis and sauces, Applegate Farms organic hotdogs, Skinny Cow ice cream, many different kinds of Greek yogurt, Trop 50 orange juice, etc. And all the prices are competitive to bigger markets.

Kilroy's Wonder Market
288 Rock Rd, Glen Rock, NJ 07452
(201) 444-5151

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