Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Hallmark, Coupons, Beach & Food Coma

If anyone has noticed, I'm not into waxing poetic about holidays. Any of them. I'm sure I've even said that before. Now that my brain is mostly Swiss cheese, and I've written around four hundred blog entries, I don't know what I have or haven't put out there in here. So if I've said it or not, holidays are no big thing to me. Nor do I want to get all sappy about anything, especially Hallmark days. Including Mother's Day.

I don't need a day. Not because I don't think I deserve it. I mean, I'm a Leo. I'll take any accolades anyone wants to throw at me. However, as I'm pretty sure I've mentioned, if your life is pretty good, you have a complimentary, loving, partner in crime, and your kid is caring & cool, a special celebrated day isn't really necessary. It's nice...I had a coupon for 15% off to Fairway, just by virtue of having a vagina? Or birthing a child through one? There were some women on a Facebook group I'm on who were literally offended by this coupon, saying mothers shouldn't have to food shop on Mothers Day. I say- give me a coupon, I don't care what day it's for- I'll use it. I mean, it's a Sunday. A day I'd ordinarily go food shopping to begin the week. Mother's Day doesn't render me an invalid. I can make it to the store. And I did. For approximately nine dollars in saving. Boo-YAH!

The D-K family did the same things we'd normally do on a nice Sunday in decent weather. With the exception that Sundays right now have t-ball games on the agenda. Only, for some reason, they gave the boys off for Mother's Day. That was nice, because I probably would've just slept in, because that's what I enjoy, we took a drive down the shore. After we ALL slept in.

We'd gone to a communion party the night before, which I will discuss in another post, because I want to talk about the venue itself, and that's not what this post is about. E was up dancing until like eleven o'clock. At night. He goes to bed normally at eight or eight-thirty. I wore heels which never really works out, so I felt like I got run over by a truck. Hopefully in the full communion post, I'll remember to discuss my shapewear, which was a huge fail. Anyway...

We went to Asbury Park. Not a place we'd normally go. Last summer we were there once for my cousin's wedding. And then once more to visit B's friends for dinner. But ordinarily, it's not our place. I had it in my mind that I wanted to eat at Toast though. All I could think about was their red velvet pancakes, which I didn't even order, by the way. I got them for E, but I got the stuffed French toast instead. It was an hour wait to get in though so we had time to walk around. I have to say- it has been built up into a really awesome place. I don't really know what it was like before, but now, I would love to have an apartment there.

As I was waiting for B to park, I stopped into a most excellent bakery a few doors down, that I'm actually going to write about in the next post along with the other cool places we saw and/or stopped in. I don't want to give businesses press in the same entry that I have the word vagina. It's not really fair. If they see the post and the praise, and they want to pass it on, I don't want them to have trepidation on sharing because I've cluttered it up with my blue humor.

Baked goods, glass blowing, antiques, and funky clothes- there was something for everyone. Had I not been so hungry that I would've chewed off my own appendages, I would've fully thrown myself into the commerce going on there. I just couldn't think straight for that hour between putting our name in at Toast and when we actually were served our plates of food.

From Toast, we walked over to the beach. It's a huge beach compared to Long Branch and Deal, where you can usually find us. They have a boardwalk with food. Interestingly, the boardwalk "stores" are made of giant shipping containers. I guess that's what is considered upcycling? Recycling? I don't know. But it's an interesting use of them for sure. There is a huge play set for the kids, which E had a good time on. I found the sand itself to be nicer than our usual spot. It's not as fine so it doesn't have that same cling-on-everything-forever effect the other does. It's a bit chaotic there though, so for me, it's better in the off-season than on. It was pretty crowded and it's not even Memorial Day.

It was a lovely day. We pretty much spent the day eating and driving. After Asbury, we drove to our favorite shore dinner spot- The Windmill in Long Branch. THAT place was PACKED. Burgers and fries and then back to the Parkway north. We didn't get home until almost eight o'clock. Well, we didn't get home until then because....we also had to stop at Fairway. To use my coupon.

I thank B and E for giving me the day I appreciate most. Basically, the same kind of day we have all summer. Minus a tan and the smell of coconut tanning oil. The weather couldn't decide if it wanted to be hot or chilly down there. But- There is nothing I look forward to more than summer. So to kick it off in May is my happiness.

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