Tuesday, March 31, 2015


So it's been a little ranty on my part lately. I thought it was time for some frivolous tv talk. Real Housewives gets discussed and beaten to death on my Facebook page but that's also because I know who to tag. I know who is going to jump into the shallow waters with me on that one. No one seems to care about American Idol but me and like three others. Not sure about my friends list when it comes to Dancing With The Stars. At least if I talk about it here, it's not as glaringly obvious when no one comments. I still have to get my thoughts out though. They're also way too long for a Facebook status post. Maybe not long for one of *mine* but just way too long in general. I started watching this show to pass time on the treadmill and now I'm hooked.

DWTS: *spoiler* I actually really liked Charlotte. I was mesmerized by her body. I didn't find her off-putting at all or a "bad influence on little girls". First of all, it's a primetime show, as family friendly as some might want to call it. They make all kinds of sexual innuendo all the time. I don't think boobs made it any less family friendly. She seemed very down to earth for someone in a somewhat shallow profession. Basically, she was using her natural endowments to her advantage. Short of getting a breast reduction, what else is she supposed to do with those things.

I also take extreme offense to what Bruno said to her- that she'll never be a nuclear physicist or something but she does look good & can dance. WTF?? It was a completely random insult. The girl just talked about being bullied for her looks on the last show so that's what he says to her? You could just see the hurt in her face. Yes, people seem to have a general lacking sense of humor these days and things have become way too PC. But no. Mean. I usually find him mildly amusing, but that was just rude, inappropriate and just unnecessary. What does he even know about how smart or not she is? There are actors who went to Harvard & Yale. Meanwhile, I wouldn't say acting comes off as the most cerebral profession. Joey from Friends was an actor. Enough said. I liked her, her smile, her enthusiasm, and her ability to turn her ginormous lemons into a huge pitcher of sellable lemonade.

Surprisingly I'm into Riker. Lucky for me, my babysitters got E into shows like Jessie, Liv & Maddie, and Austin & Ally. In the first episode, I wasn't paying that much attention because I didn't think I knew who most of these people are. As I looked at Riker, I was wondering why he looked familiar. I looked him up and saw that he's the brother of the kid who plays Austin of Austin & Ally. I like that kid! So I'm partial to the brother. He also happens to be a good dancer. I also think Allison, the pro, deserves someone good. She's new, interesting, and I like her choreography. They're a good pairing.

I'm also impressed by Rumer Willis. There isn't much to say. She looks great, dances really well, and it's nice to see her do her own thing, breaking out from the shadow of her mom. And who doesn't like Val? You always want to see him go far. I'm also rooting for Noah Galloway. Never heard of him before but he's got the inspirational thing going, he's hot, and forget it when his girlfriend showed up. Cue all the tears. I'm also a fan of Michael Sams. He's so CUTE. I don't care what Wendy Williams says, that he should be concentrating on football. Props to him if he can do them both. Plus, if he has a chance to raise his profile- who knows how that will pan out for him later. I also LOVE Peta. I don't know why they sometimes screw her on partners- hi, Tommy Cheong? People liked him and he went far but you know he wasn't winning the mirrorball. Peta is best when they give her a hot guy she has mega chemistry with. Obviously this round it's not the usual kind of chemistry but they look good together and he's at least in her age bracket.

The rest are my "meh" group. As in- they could go at any time. Don't care and probably checking Facebook when they're on.

-Chris Soules- he's good looking. Nice body. But I don't care. I'm not into the whole farm-boy character he plays. I know he actually IS a farm-boy but he's just so snoozy to me. Like the other blond guy....Shawn. I forgot his name for a minute. The virgin guy. Sorry, these manginas are just not who I want to watch dance, trying to be sexy. Although, thinking back, I can't come up with a bachelor I would've liked to see dance. Matt Grant could've been quite cheeky. Or Charlie O'Connell. I didn't find him attractive, but he had that bad boy thing going for him.

-Nastia is a great dancer but I'm just not feeling her. Something about her just leaves me cold. Derek usually has more chemistry with his partner. There's always been something about him that also leaves me cold. But with Bethany Mota, they were electric. Same with Amy Purdy. I felt like there could have been behind the scenes shenanigans with either one of them. Not with this girl. I know they won't go home. They get high scores and they're good. Just boring to me.

-Patti LaBelle is cute and whatever. Just not a contender, therefore she can go.

-Suzanne Somers is just odd to me. I watch her faces when the other contestants are done dancing and she never seems happy for them or clapping. She reminds me of a pageant woman that would've been on that show Game of Crowns on Bravo. Like I could see her putting Nair in someone's shampoo. She just doesn't come off as nice or gracious. And poor Tony! WHY do they give him all these older women you know are going to be kicked off? He's like the Johnny Castle of DWTS having to teach little old Mrs Schumacher how to dance before she starts stealing wallets & Sweet'NLow. I don't know if it's in his contract or something that he can't have any sexy women because he's married or what. At least he won once with Melissa Rycroft but I looked over his prior partner roster and I feel like they give him their tough, old, big, and lazy. Some with piss poor attitudes too. Why, Tony, WHY??

-Willow Shields is fourteen. I don't understand why they keep getting younger and younger for Mark. I get that he's short, but is he also so immature that they want to keep giving him teens? It's just weird. Some of the dances are supposed to be sexy but then you remember they're teenagers! I've seen him dance with girls he could have legit chemistry with and it was better. This girl is fine, she's a good dancer, and I guess she's game for all his characters and whatnot, but please, give Mark someone he can really do anything with, without the parameters of age.

-Robert Herjavec is a decent dancer but he's creepy as all get out. I don't know why but he is. Maybe knowing he's going through a divorce, has all the mid-life crisis cars, and he's dancing with this young, hot blonde, but I'm just not into it. Then he wore that tight black tank top during practice and I couldn't even look at him after. I like him on Shark Tank but not into him in this new scenario.

Oh, and don't want to leave out Redfoo even though he's gone. Didn't care. Buh-bye. Don't miss ya. That whole persona is corny.

I think I'm going for Rumer, Riker, Michael & Noah as *MY* final four. But if we're talking dance ability and pro favorites, if I was a betting woman, I'd probably swap out Michael and Noah for Nastia and Willow. Mark and Derek always seem to make it into the finals. Derek isn't busting his ass doing ten shows a week on Broadway or whatever he's doing, for nothing. It would be fun for Riker, his rocker distant cousin, to one-up him on the ballroom dance floor though.

That's all for my frivolous tv post today. Hope you enjoyed the fluff.

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