Monday, June 16, 2014

A Whale of a Bag!

Run your little butts over to Saltwater Canvas. Well, quickly move your cursor over to the address bar and get yourself a bag or two.

The spring/summer markdowns:


I don't know how long the code is good for but I used it today. Yes, I got a second bag. I've had one for 2-3 years but I was contemplating getting a second one so I'd have one for the beach and one for the pool. Then I can have them both packed and ready to go for the weekend. I know, first world problems, but whatever. Now I will have two and I'll be happy.

They have them in a bunch of colors and they also have other sizes but I need the Whale. Even for just E and I. Or the three of us. I'm a packer.

And no, *I* am not making the bags, selling the bags, and I get no kick-backs from you buying the bags. I just love it and am passing on the love.

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