Saturday, May 31, 2014

Cups! More cups!

Social media is really my BFF. Last week I posted a photo of my favorite cup. My sad little cup, all fixed up with electrical tape because it cracked in like four places and I couldn't bear to get rid of it.

I loved that cup. It was from some Rider Alumni event. I think it was at Jenkinson's in Pt Pleasant. You paid your $20 or whatever and you got to be part of a roped off area. And you got...a cup. But, I actually was not in love with the cup for the nostalgia. It's just a perfect cup. It's the right size, the right plastic thickness for drinking, and it has a HANDLE.

I bring Crystal Lite upstairs with me every night. I may have cut out my nighttime jellybean fix but I can't get rid of my Raspberry Lemonade. I'm usually carrying up my phone, a magazine, and who knows what. And my cup. It needs to have a handle on it. Sometimes I need to hold it in my teeth while opening the gate to upstairs. It's thin enough around the rim to do that without dropping it.

One day I noticed it cracked. To be honest, I tried drinking from it with the cracks for awhile. But every time I washed it, the crack gaps would open a little more. It was just getting messy. So I put the photo up of my broken cup on Facebook. Lo and behold, Jennifer Stow (Rinaldi! JenJen1!!) came through, giving me a link to someone's old ZTA 2003 cup from somewhere listed on eBay for $6. I bought it right away. THEN, my friend Ali said she has a bunch from her roller derby league. She said she'd send them but I didn't know when she would actually get around to it. I assumed she had other things on her priority list ahead of my cup needs.

Got a text on Friday at work from B. He was home working on a giant chandelier in the driveway. He said- "Looks like you can throw away that poor excuse for a cup you have ;)".  It was a small skinny box and I'd told him I'd bought the eBay one. WELL, then I got another text- "This might be a cup too??" with the picture of a SECOND BOX.

It WAS. I came home to two boxes and THREE cups!! Thank you ALI!! I especially like the added touch of "Cha Cha" personalization. And thank you weird old Zeta selling old cups on eBay!! I love you both! My cup(s) runneth over, yet again!! Now and forever.

Note: I will continue to accept cups from anyone looking to get rid of them. ;)

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