Friday, April 27, 2012

TV Time- what's renewed/on the bubble/cancelled

It figures that almost everything I watch is in danger. WTF- why is no one watching Missing?! We LOVE that show. I was sweating last night with the whole train scene. And then the black-haired CIA chick?? I'm going to be so annoyed when I see it's cancelled. I love Ashley Judd. YES, everything is implausible, down to her always non-sensible shoes, but who cares. The mystery of it all is so fascinating, I even get off the Internet to watch with my full attention.

Let's see- the only sure renewal for me is Grey's Anatomy. Nurse Jackie, Private Practice, Scandal, Southland and GCB are all still unknown. We're still mourning the loss of How to Make It in America in our house. Yet, Bachelor Pad has definite renewal. Don't get me wrong, we're totally watching Bachelor Pad, but in eleventy-billion seasons the Bachelor Franchise hasn't produced more than one couple that made it yet, that crap is renewed in a hot minute when our lovable Ashley Judd languishes in almost-certain-cancellation limbo.

I started watching BFF on NBC (I think) and I liked it. Now I see it's most likely cancelled. HOW do I pick these?? I'm still missing Lie to Me. I saw Dr Lightman's face in the FOX 25th anniversary special last Sunday and felt like it was a slap in the face!! You should've kept Lightman FOX. Tim Roth rocked on that unique, full of chemistry, suspense show. Again, lots of implausibility but I like getting lost in that kind of thing vs half-listening to some reality nonsense. I've been fast forwarding through the white-washed ridiculousness of the snore-fest American Idol. All I want to see is Elise and of course, my boy Phil Phillips. Now that Elise is gone, I'll be watching about 10 minutes total of that 2-hour neutered mess. Phil Phillips for the WIN. If he goes the way of Daughtry in the number 4 curse, I'll be shutting that off for the duration. I can't watch us being "taken to church" vs snoozy Mariah Celine Whitney copycats for too much longer without feeling stabby. Skylar is ok but I got enough country for the rest of my life with Scotty "Howdy Doody" McCreery & Lauren Alaina last year.

Here's all your tv show prognosis information-

And PS, stop tweeting the actors on the shows asking if a show is coming back. They're usually the last to know anyway and I swear, Google is your friend. If more than one site says it ain't coming back- go with that. (I'm talking to you, cuckoo "Dirty Soap" fans. IT'S NOT COMING BACK).

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