Monday, October 20, 2014


Packed at Glaze in New Milford
I don't know why but I never think of doughnuts. I can't even tell you the last time I went into a Dunkin Donuts. Just not my thing. I usually prefer cupcakes. Doughnuts just never seem substantial enough for me. As in, I'd want to eat like two or three before feeling satisfied. I would never do that, because, well, I'd feel like I crossed a line I could never go back the other way. There are rules, mentally, that are in the head of any serial dieter. One of them is that you don't eat more than one doughnut in a sitting. I wouldn't eat more than one regular sized cupcake in one sitting either. If you've done Weight Watcher, you know that would be like a day's worth of points. If Jenny Craig is your thing, you mentally compare the size and taste of a doughnut to their version of dessert, you just know better.
I'd seen many people raving about Glaze in New Milford though. It's just doughnuts. All kinds, interesting, odd flavors, and an ever changing menu. It sort of has the concept of the cupcake places but with a doughnut. And without the high prices cupcakes have reached. I never think to go to New Milford though. It's just out of my way.

We went to the Tenafly Street Fair on Sunday which for whatever reason, was extremely sparse. We walked the whole thing in minutes. We decided to drive around and somehow ended up going toward New Milford. When I realized where we were, I remembered Megan telling me last week that she took a special trip from Hawthorne to Glaze. I quickly looked up the address and it was basically right in front of us. It actually occupies the space that is half of where the video store used to be. Where I spent many years visiting my mother at work. If she only knew that doughnuts now live in half of "her" video store. She probably would have been happy to have had doughnuts and video. Too happy.

It's a small place but it felt smaller because it was packed. Two O'clock on a Sunday in New Milford and it was jammin'. It looked like they were out of a lot of flavors by that time but I read they are constantly making new doughnuts throughout the day. I might have come in between a refill time. I got what looked like an Oreo and cream stuffed doughnut with Oreos on top. E got a vanilla doughnut with chocolate frosting and rainbow sprinkles. B got one that looked stuffed like mine. Apple, caramel and nut. I also got a raspberry filled glazed one but I wasn't planning on eating that one yesterday. That one is for tonight's dessert.

We all ate ours after dinner, minus my raspberry one. They were the best doughnuts I ever had. There was a big difference between these and chain place doughnuts. I always feel like I'm eating chemicals at chain places. Where I assume that while they taste airy, they're probably like a thousand calories a piece. These didn't taste like that. I'm sure they're not calorie lean or anything but they didn't taste like chemicals or hidden fat. And it was satisfying. I ate my one and wasn't looking for more, or for something else to eat. I can't wait to eat my raspberry one tonight after Megan and I do our walk.

The prices were good too. We got four doughnuts, two of them considered "specialty", and it was only around six dollars and change. In these days of $3-$5 cupcakes, this was a pleasant surprise.

They don't seem to have a website but there are a few articles and a Yelp page about it. Apparently, the owner is opening another location where Crumbs was in Ridgewood. It will then be even easier for me to get a doughnut fix.

Glaze Donuts is at 358 River Road, New Milford, 201-483-8634


  1. You didn't come in between refill times. The cases are always half empty, even when they first open, from what I'm told. Its always packed in there. The donuts are delicious but they need to work on keeping the specialty donut trays full or people will get tired of coming in and not getting what they're looking for. They probably should have worked on that before trying to open a second location that will likely be much busier.

  2. Thanks for the post. We are opening March 9th in Ridgewood