Thursday, October 23, 2014

Drawing Room: Cards & Animals

I didn't get to write about last week so I'll give you a 2 in 1. Last week the kids made holiday cards that can be printed as a real card. They drew whatever they wanted in a holiday theme and then painted them. The cards were then scanned and a copy was given to us parents to see what the finished card would look like. It's our choice whether to order the cards or not. I think it's cute and since I can never find cards I like that are fairly holiday neutral, E's own creation is the best option going.

This week they learned how to draw animals. They used these direction sheets to understand how you put different shapes together to make an animal. It was like a step by step. They had a choice of a bunny, squirrel, rooster, or one other thing I think. E was excited to do this. He loves to draw and he loves animals. Perfect combination.

They drew a mock-up first on scrap paper, then they drew it on their watercolor paper with pencil. They used craypas to color their animals in. E put his own spin on his bunny. The whiskers are in an interesting place, and I think it has on some kind of outfit, or it's striped- I'm not really sure. But, I can tell it's a bunny and that's all that matters. He's learning and having fun.

We really love this class. I also love that it's a long enough class that I can go across the street for a manicure. He really looks forward to it because they do different mediums every week. It's not like it's just the same thing all the time. They change it up and the kids seem to love it.

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