Thursday, October 30, 2014


Clay! The kids were excited to work with clay. It was a nice change up. They thought it was the coolest thing to see the clay cut with a wire. The assignment was to make small pumpkin/jack o'lantern covered bowls. They took a hunk of clay, cut it into two balls- one small and one large. Obviously the small one was going to be the lid and the bigger one was for the bowl part.

They pounded, rolled, stretched, and molded their pieces. Tools were given to them to be able to work the clay properly. Once they completed their shapes, the clay was dried. Then they painted each piece orange like a pumpkin. Faces were painted on the bowl pieces by each kid.

The finished products were great. The best part of the class is that they have more than enough time to complete each project and take them home. I took his home, let the paint dry over night, then we shellacked it to seal in the paint. We didn't have to do that- Ms Kat told me we could hairspray it. But being in the business of "lighting artistry", we have shellac, so that's what we used.

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